OMG! It’s Full Of Geeks


I HATE text message language, it’s just lazy. I used OMG in the title of my post so I could express my displeasure.

Today’s geek related comic book post is all about ME, ME, ME!

Well about my comic book purchases this week. I originally thought I had zero comic books this week and this made me feel a little sad.


I also HATE feeling sad fortunately it only happens once in a blue moon. I also HATE emoticons, or whatever they’re called, I only used one above so I could express my displeasure.

This week’s surprise comic book stash cost me just over one hundred pounds, I allocate myself five hundred pounds spending money every month but I don’t spend five hundred pounds on geek related stuff every month, if I did I’d have to move home.


This week’s stash looked a little like this:


Originally I had no intention of paying my local comic book shop (Ground Zero Comics here in marvellous Mansfield a visit this week until owner/manager/friend messaged to let me know I had some comic books to (HAPPILY) purchase.


Is a Japanese comic book series, a Manga, the story centres around a teenage boy who through dedication and a lot of hard work inherits super powers allowing him to enrol at a school that trains the next generation of superheroes. It’s kinda like the X-Men/New Mutants/Generation X but without the super charged angst, soap opera and over written storylines and plots.

The series, translated into English, is on volume five and I find it an enjoyable, quirky, fun series.


Damian Wayne died but was resurrected like all good (and bad) superheroes these days, I know, sigh! Fortunately he came back to life less petulant, less annoying and less all knowing now he’s an interesting character with a good supporting cast and his Rogue’s Gallery is full of the insane.

The artwork and colours are lovely to look at which is kind of the point of comic books. I thoroughly enjoyed the first volume and I’m hoping volume two is equally as enjoyable.


Back in the mists of time I happily read Eddie Campbell’s Alec and Bacchus both series offered something different from the adventures of men and women in their underwear punching each other out of existence that I found myself immersed within.

Once I noticed this big (kill an adult male dead with a single blow) collection I knew it must be mine. The stories told within these collected editions entertained me during my time in my home century and I’m hoping they entertain me again in this alien century I find myself lost within.

The creator of this wonderful collection, Eddie Campbell, is probably best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on the Jack the Ripper series From Hell, that was made into a terrible movie starring Johnny Depp.

Out Of The Blue 

My comic book stash this week was a pleasant surprise and though I was happy before I knew I had comic book goodies to purchase I was even happier after I knew.

Someone (a clever person?) once said, ‘it’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.’

I concur.


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