Movie Madness May 2017


I do love/hate the movies. Here’s my list of movies watched throughout the month of May.

1 Alien Resurrection: In anticipation of the new Alien movie I decided, wisely it seems, to watch an Alien movie I haven’t seen in an age, and I hated it which put me off going to the pictures to watch Alien Covenant.

2 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: May the fourth be with you always. What a day. What a great day spent watching Star Wars movies starting with my first home viewing of Rogue One a fantastic addition to the Star Wars family.

3 Star Wars: The original and still the best. Well…

4 The Empire Strikes Back: … until Empire.

5 Return of the Jedi: It’s the best Star Wars movie for kids.

6 The Force Awakens: I love this movie more than I do life itself. Perhaps not my own life but certainly other people’s.

7 Godzilla Resurgence: Or SHIN Godzilla. I’m a sucker for a Godzilla movie and this newest version made me happy.

8 Kong: Skull Island: Awful. I’m not a fan of modern movies and this King Kong movie highlights, for me, how bad they are.

9 The Great Wall: It’s not a good movie but it is a daft movie with plenty of action sequences.

10 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Another awful movie. Apparently the plan is to remake the Resident Evil movies, I hope they make them better than the previous versions.

11 Underworld: Blood Wars: The Underworld franchise, like the Resident Evil franchise, as potential it just needs someone with more imagination and with a better story to tell tales set in this world.

12 I Am A Hero: I’m a big fan of the Manga this movie is based upon and though the movie doesn’t reach the heights of its parent it’s still a decent apocalypse movie.

13 Dead Rising: Endgame: Cheap and okay.

14 Pandemic: Boring!

15 Beacon Point: Rubbish!

16 The Monster: Pants!

17 The Guardians: Very disappointing. I was hoping for a mad crazy Russian superhero flick but it’s a tired addition to the superhero mix.

18 The Autopsy of Jane Doe: Reminded me of a similar horror movie the title of which eludes me. An effective and intriguing movie.

19 Doomsday: When I originally watched this Brit movie when it was released I found it disappointing now it seems to be an accurate depiction of both Scotland and England.

20 JAWS: Only the best movie ever made.

21 Ouija: Origin of Evil: Bloodless but enjoyable.

22 ZomBeavers: Surprisingly okay.

23 All Cheerleaders Die: BORING!!

24 Backcountry: Boyfriend/girlfriend go into woods and are eaten by a bear, unfortunately the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect of that ace idea takes precedence, all I wanted was man-eating bear eating man and woman instead I was given a relationship drama. Sigh!

25 Wyrmwood: The Road of the Dead: Enjoyable Aussie zombie action movie romp.

26 Warcraft: BAD!

27 Yoga Hosers: EVEN BADDER!!

28 Headshot: Acceptable fighting action movie.

29 Twin Peaks: Fire Come Walk With Me: Fine, damn fine.

30 The Matrix: A real to goodness classic.

31 Matrix Reloaded: Criticised by many for not being the movie they imagined inside their noggins but not by me I enjoy Reloaded more than I do The Matrix for the simple reason there’s more kung-fu fist and kick fighting in this movie than in the previous movie and I’m a sucker for kung-fu fighting.

Sure the philosophical musings get a tad too Manichean for most people’s liking instead of remaining stoically cynical, heh, but forget all the philosophising for a moment we the geeky movie goer are given some grand action set-pieces stuff we’ve never seen before, Neo’s fight with the multiple Smith’s and Morpheus’ fight atop a moving truck.

Besides I like the idea that everything Neo and Morpheus try and do has already been done before they’re just new characters acting out an old on going, never ending perhaps, story. Which kinda explains us crazy humans here in the real world, or real Matrix, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Look at us, take a good long look, our political leanings are old and tired and need revamping, our society’s are broken and corrupt, our religious leanings are ancient fictions based upon older smarter fictions, we, and the people who control us, keep repeating the same mistakes again and again and again, we’re supposed to be a thinking learning smart ape but we exhibit no smarts most of the time. We have no new ideas, sure society changes, technology makes us slaves and addicts but we’re no more advanced mentally or physically, if anything we’re regressing, time for change is long overdue. In my humble, or perhaps not so humble, opinion.

But I digress.

I imagine new Matrix movies, stories set solely inside the Matrix featuring new characters some of whom operate from outside the Matrix and only enter to confer with their agents and underlings inside and the entire storyline revolving around the simple idea of good versus evil but with an added bonus of the complexity of freedom fighter or terrorist?

From the humans, in Zion, point of view Neo and Morpheus are heroic freedom fighters but from the machines point of view the pair are terrorist leaders there’s a lot of ambiguity that can be used in future storylines, for example do the ends justify the means? In the first Matrix movie Trinity and Neo annihilate a building full of police officers, just wipe them out, now if that were to happen in real life, at a real American city, Neo and Trinity would be public enemies number one, cop killers, widow makers, run with that, play with that, are Neo and Morpheus good guys or are they, like real world terrorists, mad insane extremists out to wreck a system that offers peace and security?


Twin Peaks


My first blog post of 2017. I do enjoy blogging, but only because I enjoy writing and expressing an opinion, mostly unpopular but an opinion nonetheless. Recently, excited due to a new season of the show, I watched seasons one and two again, the first time since the 1990’s actually, season one is possibly the best season of a TV show ever and season two is a mess, a marvellous mess but still a mess.

I have enjoyed Twin Peaks so much I own the series twice, DVD and blu-ray, the blu-ray version bought because my DVD version didn’t contain Fire Walk With Me and it was impossible to find the movie in my home town.

I can only speak for myself when I say, ‘new Twin Peaks is so bonkers it’s ace!’

So far it’s more bonkers than season two, I confess I have no idea, yet, what’s occurring within the series, no idea of what’s actually going on, and that’s why I like it, it’s mad, perhaps it’s genius, I can’t say for sure I’m an idiot I probably wouldn’t recognise genius if it ran up and head butted me in the face.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, for several reasons, one is because I’m British living in Brit-Land and I find British TV shows, except Doctor Who, boring and uninteresting, reason two is because I find it difficult to find TV shows that have something to say that piques my interest. I like bonkers, the more bonkers the show the more interested I am. I SHOULD like the Marvel and DC TV shows, as I’ve been a fan of the comics for forty years, but they’re so boring and the DC shows seem aimed at teenage girls, romance and love triangles play as big a part of story content as does kicking some super-villain in the ass.

Superhero shows should be fucking mental, instead they’re just bland.

Fortunately Twin Peaks exists, and that warms my cold bitter dead little heart.