Twin Peaks


My first blog post of 2017. I do enjoy blogging, but only because I enjoy writing and expressing an opinion, mostly unpopular but an opinion nonetheless. Recently, excited due to a new season of the show, I watched seasons one and two again, the first time since the 1990’s actually, season one is possibly the best season of a TV show ever and season two is a mess, a marvellous mess but still a mess.

I have enjoyed Twin Peaks so much I own the series twice, DVD and blu-ray, the blu-ray version bought because my DVD version didn’t contain Fire Walk With Me and it was impossible to find the movie in my home town.

I can only speak for myself when I say, ‘new Twin Peaks is so bonkers it’s ace!’

So far it’s more bonkers than season two, I confess I have no idea, yet, what’s occurring within the series, no idea of what’s actually going on, and that’s why I like it, it’s mad, perhaps it’s genius, I can’t say for sure I’m an idiot I probably wouldn’t recognise genius if it ran up and head butted me in the face.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, for several reasons, one is because I’m British living in Brit-Land and I find British TV shows, except Doctor Who, boring and uninteresting, reason two is because I find it difficult to find TV shows that have something to say that piques my interest. I like bonkers, the more bonkers the show the more interested I am. I SHOULD like the Marvel and DC TV shows, as I’ve been a fan of the comics for forty years, but they’re so boring and the DC shows seem aimed at teenage girls, romance and love triangles play as big a part of story content as does kicking some super-villain in the ass.

Superhero shows should be fucking mental, instead they’re just bland.

Fortunately Twin Peaks exists, and that warms my cold bitter dead little heart.


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