Mutually Assured Destruction


Mutually Assured Destruction is just plain mad, heh, here in Britain there’s due any day now, Thursday 8th of June, a General Election I’ll be voting for Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, but I won’t be voting for Labour it’s the personality, the person, I’m voting for not the awful party. Jeremy Corbyn is a potential Prime Minister who, sanely, claims he might not order a nuclear attack on an enemy state if there’s an atomic bomb attack on Britain. He’s the only potential PM with any sense, his ideas and opinions are sensible, rational, the idea Britain needs a nuclear deterrent is retarded and the idea Britain needs a leader prepared to launch atomic weapons is fuck-tarded. As a Briton I’m not enthused by a leader prepared to kill millions of innocents, including babies, in a foreign land so, for me, Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of an atomic war but only the idea of, fictions, stories of an all out war in which people, somehow, survive and begin to rebuild while perhaps fending off mutants, evil Morlocks, or in some future fantasy type setting Orcs and Goblins. But in the real world having love for, a passion for, an atomic war is fucking stupid and the idea of retaliation if attacked is downright spiteful.

The world isn’t a fantasy world, it’s not like the movies, we’re not action men or women, movie love and romance is a lie, people can’t fly or shrug off being shot full of bullets, every minute of every day can’t be filled with happiness and laughter, genuine super villains and criminal masterminds don’t exist. The real world is grim, cruel and nasty and there are no such things as justice or fairness such ideas are, like the movies, fiction.

The real world needs leaders who live here and not leaders who live in a fantasy land.


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