The Flash


I’ve always been a fan of The Flash, I am after all a comic book geek, or nerd I find both terms perfectly acceptable, but I don’t like the TV show it’s too soap opera like and I hate soap opera. My favourite version of The Flash has been Wally West, especially Mark Waid’s version, I was bitterly disappointed when Wally West was relegated to a non-character with the return of Barry Allen if I was made of less stern stuff I would have cried.

Pfft, who am I kidding? I did cry.


My second favourite version of The Flash is the original, Jay Garrick, obviously not a prominent solo character but a big player in the Justice Society of America. I hated when DC rewrote their own universe and relegated Earth 2 characters to bit part roles. It made me so angry I punched an inanimate object, which is better than punching animate objects, inanimate don’t hit back but do break one’s hand if you go and hit a brick wall.


I always found Barry Allen a bit boring and much preferred Superman and Batman, though Barry’s role in Crisis elevated the character to mythical heights in my opinion and his death resonated throughout the DCU for almost three decades. Should have stayed dead Barry.

As someone who needs to go running, hey I’m a typical geek/nerd I like movies, binge watching TV shows, reading comic books and eating pizza I’m not exactly fat but I ain’t thin either, I got to admit I hate, HATE, running I don’t know how The Flash does it, sure he’s got super speed but even if I had super speed I still wouldn’t enjoy running I’d merely bamboozle people with my super reflexes and I sure as Hell wouldn’t fight crime.

Criminals are fucking scary.


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