Armed Forces Day


I don’t get it, and okay there are a lot of things I don’t get, to list them would make for a lengthy post, so I’ll stick to the hero worship, the adoration, of the military. I think perhaps my problem with Armed Forces Day stems from my lack of pride in my home nation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I feel nothing for the land of my birth, absolutely nothing, it’s just the place I was lucky enough to have been born, I don’t owe it anything, I didn’t ask to be born, as far as I know. I didn’t ask to be born British, and as far as I’m aware Britain hasn’t done anything to deserve my respect or pride.

Now because I’m an anti-patriot doesn’t mean I go around kicking British babies and beating British elders or spitting and urinating in public places or littering, in fact I’m opposed to littering it’s a fucking shame so many patriotic Brits don’t share my shame, the nation looks like a fucking rubbish tip, really gets my back up.

But I digress.

Why do people feel the need to support the Armed Forces?

I just don’t understand. I’m not suggesting people should disrespect people in the Armed Forces, that wouldn’t make any sense to me either, I neither like or dislike people who have served in the Armed Forces I will admit I haven’t supported Britain in any of its recent, 21st century, military endeavours. Killing dirt poor people in Third World nations doesn’t sit well with me and I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to go join the military just so they can be trained to kill folk.

Why would any sane person want to kill another person?

We don’t celebrate our emergency services. We don’t celebrate the people who govern, some of us fucking hate ’em instead. We don’t celebrate people in the banking system for maintaining a stable, if you can call it that, economy, in fact we hate that they’re wealthier than us. We don’t celebrate all the people that work hard to put food on our table.

But we celebrate the Armed Forces.

What exactly do they do to demand such celebration and worship?

War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Well except wealthy individuals become wealthier and greedy corporations feed that greed, for a while.

Maybe someone is aware of why people celebrate the Armed Forces, maybe someone as a cogent argument why we should hero worship people who serve in the military and no the claim that they fight, kill and die for us isn’t a valid argument they fight, kill and die on the orders of a very small minority who have something to gain from their sacrifices but the rest of us gain nothing.

And it’s just a job some people decide to do, sure they make noble claims about wishing to serve their country but there must be a better way to serve than being taught how to kill and then going out and killing people in other lands, people who are innocent, poor and already victimised by the militaries of their own nations.



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