Preacher Two Point Two

Preacher 1

Whoa! Episode 2 followed fast on the opening episodes trail. I’m finding it difficult, once again, to stay on top of everything in my increasingly geeky little idiot life.

Jesse in an attempt to stop the Saint of Killers, a being immune to his semi-divine super power, gets a whole bunch of fuck nut gun maniacs killed. Here in  merry olde England, a place that is indeed very olde and so merry folk die laughing, we don’t have access to firearms, ALL guns are banned from the general populace, or as far as I know, ALL guns are banned. I’ve always found myself annoyed by my home nations gun laws, I want guns Goddamn it, a room full of ‘em, but at the same time I’m glad successive British governments have kept guns out of the grubby hands of this lands citizens, we’re mad and blood crazed at the best of times give us guns and I’d have been killed a decade, or more, ago.

Shot down in a blaze of anything but glory.

Now if you’ve read the comic books then you’re already aware that the Saint of Killers is a merciless badass mother, and father, fucker. He’s an unstoppable killing machine, though not an actual mechanical machine he’s some kind of supernatural beast that can, and will, kill every living thing in the universe to see that kind of badass murderous bastard in a live action TV series is really something to behold, I can tell thee, I could watch a series where the Saint of Killers, uttering barely a word, just kills his way across America and then the rest of the world, it’d be a grand idea to have someone make such a show.




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This episode is yet another great episode this is one hell of a show it combines a fine mix of comedy and action drama to produce a lot of fun entertainment. I find the quest to find God a compelling one, even though I’m an Atheist I can appreciate fictional characters trying to find another fictional character and as they travel across a land they leave behind them a slaughterhouse full of death.

Most shows have, I find, too many characters and the jump between a variety of narratives can damn the show better, in my opinion, to keep the cast of characters light to provide a tight TV show that when it moves slow it does so to build and when it moves at pace it does so at a speed that causes a viewer/fan to gasp and catch their breath.

Preacher 2


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