Preacher Two Point Three

People’s hard luck stories don’t interest me one bit, I have no hard luck stories of my own because, I figure, life is a hard luck story so shut the fuck up going on and on about it. Life is supposed to be harsh, it’s supposed to be about day to day survival, struggle, fighting tooth and nail for one’s continued existence. I don’t do ‘snowflake’ behaviour and I don’t appreciate it in others or in the fiction I read or watch.

This episode features, at the start, teenagers enveloped in the nonsense of believing they are at the centre of the universe, everything revolving around an individual life until whoops life kicks a ‘snowflake’ in the arse.



But anyways enough of my own personal opinions the opening to this episode reveals the secret origin of Arseface, it’s a pathetic, as you might expect, origin story and informs we the fans of the show that Arseface’s hard luck story could have been less hard luck if he had let his teenage bitch friend end her own life without trying to intervene. Let people make their own decisions, right or wrong, and don’t interfere, mind one’s own business, especially seeing as Arseface was sent to Hell, by Jesse Custer, last season and spends an eternity reliving the incident over and over again.


With Arseface suffering in Hell Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy continue their quest to find God, heading to New Orleans in the belief God is chasing the best jazz in the world and probably is looking for that kind of music in the land of partying, drinking and vomiting in public.

The quest for God leads them to some weird sex thing, I confess when it comes to weird sex things I’m terribly naïve, I’ve never been to a strip joint, never wanted to, and I’ve never used a prostitute, and never will, and I’m no swinger I’m full on, and happy to be so, vanilla, so the weird sex thing wasn’t something I could get my head round, just what the fucking fuck was going on?

Dog 1

That’s all I could think about throughout the rest of the episode, what the fuck was that?

Dog 2

I did however take notice of the appearance of this misbegotten spawn:

Herr Starr



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