Preacher Two Point Four

Preacher Ten 3

While watching this, latest episode, I wondered, ‘whatever happened to the vampire hunters trying to kill Cassidy?’ you know the one’s from the very first episode, were they merely a means to introduce the character and now they’ve been forgotten or will they play some kind of role in events to occur sometime in the future? If indeed there is a future.

While Jesse Custer isn’t troubled that Tulip O’Hare is missing, and while we seem to know Tulip is in some kind of trouble with a badass criminal mastermind the episode focusses attention on Arseface, in Hell, meeting Adolf Hitler, I always figured if there were a Heaven and a Hell that Hitler would be in Heaven sat at the right hand of God having a good old time, like Trump and Putin recently did in Hamburg. After all God, in the Old Testament, seemed rather fond of genocide.

I’ve never liked Hitler, but then again I’ve never liked God.

Or little baby Jesus.

The search for God seems to imply an Earthly agency, The Grail perhaps? was behind the fake God that visited Annville and the episode is divided into three plots Custer’s continued quest for God, ably aided by the vampire Cassidy, Tulip’s troubles with a crime boss and Arseface’s adventures in Hell, the latter plot is the one I found the most interesting, Hell being an overcrowded underfunded prison that was built to accept a few doomed souls and the surprise of doomed souls jailers at how many doomed souls have actually ended up there.

A damning indictment on humanity, it does indeed seem possible that we, as a species and also individuals, are a piece of shit, but then you probably already knew that.

Arseface strikes up a rapport with Hitler, and discovers that Hitler isn’t such a bad chap. Hitler is portrayed in this episode as a weedy little scaredy cat, but that doesn’t make any sense to me. Hitler, before the outbreak of World War One, worked as a labourer, I imagine the work life of a labourer at the start of the 20th century wasn’t any fun, I imagine it required stamina and strength, I imagine labourers were hard men used to hard work and though he was initially deemed unfit for military service he eventually volunteered, and was accepted, to serve in the Bavarian Army. He served during the battle of Ypres and the Somme receiving two Iron Crosses, his second was very rarely given to a soldier of his lowly rank. All of his commanding officers spoke of his bravery. This wasn’t some weak, weedy, laughable Austrian Hitler was a man, if he were British, or American, people would be endlessly going on and on about how brave and heroic he was.

After the war he rebuilt Germany.

I might not like Hitler but I don’t like to think of him as someone who was cowardly and weak, a coward and a weakling wouldn’t have been able to take a nation on its knees and build it into the most feared regime of the 20th century, perhaps of all time.

Love him or hate him but don’t pretend he was weak and cowardly.


Jesse goes a little Genesis crazy when he finally discovers, towards episode end, that Tulip might be in a life-threatening situation this attempt to save Tulip leads to some measure of violence and though Jesse Custer receives a kick to the balls he keeps on fighting.

I’m always amused that in fiction a man can be kicked in the balls and stay on his feet, as a male, with balls, I can confess with honesty and experience that a kick to the balls results in so much pain it causes much tears, vomiting and an inability to remain standing, fiction it’s fake for a reason.



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