Preacher Two Point Five


I like Preacher the TV series because like the comic books it’s not politically correct, I get the entire PC thing we can’t go having minorities, and women, abused physically, mentally and verbally it’s just not nice but at the same time as a white heterosexual male I’m opposed to all this horseshit that makes claim that I as a white heterosexual male should feel ashamed or some kind of guilt.

Fuck that I’m happy to be white heterosexual and male and it sure beats all the fucking alternatives, I don’t know if you’ve also noticed but, and this seems like a fact, in predominantly white society everyone who isn’t white heterosexual and male sure seems fucking miserable, they’re always fucking bitching and whining, never fucking happy, they’ve always got something to cry about. It’s quite sad, as in pathetic, that they just can’t be happy being themselves and because they can’t be happy they go out of their way to try and make white heterosexual males unhappy.

Fucking cunts.



It’s flashback time in this new episode of Preacher, the adventures of Tulip and Jesse when they were a criminal duo, a criminal duo that decided to give up a life of crime Tulip reluctantly Jesse with slacker enthusiasm.

The Tulip O’Hare character, originally female in the comic books, held together the first season of Preacher and her character binds together, and drives forward, this season. Ain’t that nice, a female character always intended to be female being the driving force of a TV show that also features two strong male characters. How refreshing.

Tulip’s life, upon losing her unborn child, became really depressed, forced into a life of an ordinary wage slave, forced into putting up with a boyfriend who was a slacker, forced into boring shagging sessions as a means of replacing her lost unborn baby with a new baby. It can be an unhappy life, if we want it to be and Tulip in these flashback moments obviously wanted her life to be unhappy as punishment for losing her unborn child?

These flashback moments capture perfectly the mundane nature of human life we pretty much go through most of our lives, especially as adults, doing the same things day in day out until, sometimes tragically, we die. It’s insane that we decide to live the way that we do and it’s down to a lack of imagination and too much laziness that we can’t find alternatives. These flashbacks also reveal Jesse’s turning to God for help much to Tulip’s shock and horror.


Though Tulip is a super strong character she’s still a lesser character than Jesse Custer, she’s Jesse’s bitch when she does stuff he doesn’t like he gets super pissed at her and gives her a right good rollicking, basically he’s a bully. Personally I don’t like bullies. The way I perceive the world and people goes a little like this, though we are all different in lots of ways we’re also the same and it’s this sameness we should all focus on rather than the stuff that makes us different. Regardless of gender, age, skin colour, geographical region of birth, language spoken, religious belief, rich or poor we’re all equal. Now I know my perception is askew that’s just not how the world works, and for shame, but it’s how I operate within said world. In my own little part of the world, England, I’m considered working class scum, the only people considered lower than me are the many unemployed good for nothings and the criminal shits, of which there are many. The Royal Family, Her Madge, are perceived as better than everyone else in England and they happily lord it over the land and its people, we’re even considered royal subjects rather than citizens which tells you everything you need to know about England.

I don’t like that idea of some people being more equal than others just doesn’t sit well with me. Fucking cunts aren’t beneath me, neither are the worst members of society serial killers, mass murderers, rapists, child abusers sure it would be nice to think I’m better than such evil fucks but the truth is I ain’t. At all. For sure I’ve never killed anyone, never wanted to, and for sure I’ve never raped anyone, never wanted to, but does that make me better? It just makes me different, that’s all.


Something is revealed, that seems true, in this episode no matter how much Tulip loves Jesse or Jesse loves Tulip the truth is Jesse Custer is an asshole and treats the woman he loves like shit. I’m sure some, a lot perhaps, of women can relate.


This episode ends with the Saint of Killers laying waste to folk once again. He’s an unstoppable force. He’s a hurricane. An Act of God. Anything caught in his path… dies!

Yeah, I borrowed from the movie Blade for some of the above.


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