Preacher Two Point Seven

This episode starts in Vietnam with a magic pig and Herr Starr.

Preacher 1

Other than float like a butterfly the pig doesn’t seem capable of anything else magical.

Preacher 2

Herr Starr however manages to wander the world, including muddy Third World villages and keep his white suit immaculate, maybe he’s wearing a similar suit to the Alec Guinness character from the British movie The Man In The White Suit, I don’t know for sure but it seems that way.

This episode then progresses to lovely New Orleans, featuring local government employees travelling the city in cart like vehicles picking up people who have passed out in the street from consuming too much alcohol, kinda like here in the U.K. on a Saturday/Sunday morning.

Every weekend here in Britain a large population of Brits drunk so much alcohol they pass out in the street, on one memorable occasion I was making my way home in the early hours of a Saturday morning and three separate young women where passed out in the street of my local town, I daren’t stop to help them in case they woke and screamed rape I just kept on walking, stepping over one young woman who was face down on the ground blocking my path.

It was quite an unpleasant experience and not one I’m hoping to repeat.

Jesse Custer is still having no luck tracking God so listening to Cassidy, never a good idea, the trio of misfits end up at a place where a person can pay to shoot another person, wearing a bulletproof vest, or be the person being shot, wearing a bulletproof vest.

I wonder if New Orleans really does feature little carts that pick up passed out drunkards, or dead people, and bars where you can shoot people or be shot it doesn’t seem real, it seems like make believe but because it’s America I can believe it to be real. No matter how crazy a story might sound if a person sets the story in the United States I’m happy to believe any outrageous story is in fact true.

Once again it’s Tulip that drives the story forward, she’s the character that is the most human and the most aware of the situations this trio of misfits find themselves in. Cassidy is of course evil, he is after all a vampire, an undead thing, Jesse Custer isn’t all there, not stupid or insane, just not present in the moment, lots of people are like that, I am, people often comment that I don’t pay attention and it’s true I don’t some days I don’t even know what the day is. That’s no lie, I can assume a Monday is actually a Friday and vice versa and Jesse Custer strikes me as a similar sort no matter what’s going on around him he’s not completely present incapable of paying attention.

As a person who likes, nay LOVES, random acts of violence, in fiction but not the real world, I enjoyed Herr Starr’s origin story.

Preacher 4

One of the reasons I enjoy Preacher is because of the random acts of violence another reason is because of the fact dialogue includes swearing.

I fucking love swearing, I’m forty five years old I hate entertainment that panders to kids and much prefer entertainment with a shit ton of swearing. Not that swearing is always appropriate in real life, I don’t swear in front of my mother, old people and young children, but if I’m amongst people aged 18 to 60 I’ll swear like a Goddamn motherfucker. Or father if you’re that way inclined.


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