For the purpose of this About section I’ll share a little about myself. First I don’t like to share personal stuff, I figure the reason why the word personal is used when applied to our own business is because we’re not supposed to share with others. I know we now exist in a world in which everyone shares everything but that doesn’t mean we should.

Second I have a name, and as we view time I have an age dictated to me yearly. I live in the world, we call this world Earth and everyone reading my blog, using the Internet, is an Earthling even if some aren’t human, if you’re born here you’re an Earthling deal with it. I also define myself as a geek/nerd and though we presently exist in a world that recognises individual nations I figure it being the 21st century, by our current reckoning, that nations and identifying ourselves by nationality is a thing of the past with the explosion of the Internet, social media and personal phones we can be connected to just about anyone anywhere on the planet we’re not limited by our immediate surroundings or borders anymore.

The purpose of this blog is for me to write, and write, about lots of things that interest me, and things I don’t understand, there are a lot of things I don’t understand or misunderstand and here I have a means to express myself, misgivings, and perhaps even rant and rage, but hopefully I’ll have the discipline to avoid such things.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. First, I like your blog as I like debate. I use the about page to better understand perspective. Place in this world and life events make us who we are and is connected to what we write. But I respect your position!

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