The Robots’ Rebellion Part 3

The Robots' Rebllion

Chapter 3 is titled A Brotherhood of Clans.

This chapter begins with Egypt, Ancient Egypt land of intrigue and mystery but the chapter doesn’t concentrate on Egypt it throws a vast amount of information at a reader and is finally a chapter I found enjoyable. Along with Ancient Egypt we’re offered the idea of an ancient Brotherhood that has manipulated humanity for thousands of years, and touches upon some real historical stuff Ancient Greece, the Romans, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius and Buddha, a lot of pre-Christian religious stuff.

Icke makes claim that the heretical pharaoh Akhenaten was a puppet of a secret society, the Brotherhood, which retained some kind of power once Egypt returned to a land of polytheism upon the death of Akhenaten. This ancient Brotherhood still exists today, according to Icke, in the form of the Freemasons an alleged sinister group that allegedly controls the destiny and fortune of the entire human race.

Kind of like the Stonecutters from the American cartoon series The Simpsons.

‘Who controls the British crown?

Who keeps the metric system down?

We do, we do

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?

Who keeps the Martians under wraps?

We do, we do

Who holds back the electric car?

Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?

We do, we do

Who robs cavefish of their sight?

Who rigs every Oscar night?

We do, we do!’


The Robots’ Rebellion Part 2

The Robots' Rebllion

Chapter 2 is titled Collective Amnesia.

It begins with more waffle about Atlantis and about the Luciferic Consciousness that came to infect planet Earth in times so ancient it’s hard for us, simple humans, to comprehend the timeframe involved. It’s all bollocks of course.

For example:

The Universe needs the life the Earth brings forth and the whole must be preserved. It is not for you alone that we do this work. There has always been an order in the way the planets have been governed. Man has not understood the linkages that bind everything together.’

Channelled information Icke claims to have received from an alien intelligence, it’s all very egotistical not only David Icke being one of the few people on Earth, out of over six billion, to be made aware of who we really are, not only does it stink of ego to believe alien intelligences are speaking to you, or through you, but it’s massively egotistical to believe, and promote, the idea that the human race is in someway THE most special little creature in all creation and that the very existence of planet Earth is hugely beneficial to the continued health and wellbeing of the universe.

A similar theme pervades a lot of the fiction I enjoy reading especially stories from both DC and Marvel comics, Marvel comics often has the Earth at the centre of events of cosmic significance.

I can’t accept that we humans are in anyway special, the evidence leads me to believe the contrary, we are as a species a selfish, vain, mean, nasty, greedy, violent, murderous animal that will kill, with made up justification, every living thing upon the planet including each other and ourselves. If anything we’re the least interesting and least special little creature in the entire vastness of the universe, a universe so vast that no one, or all of us collectively, can comprehend or understand.

Eventually Icke’s ideas about energies and frequencies important to the continued existence of the cosmos emanating from the Earth leads him further into the wonderful world of ancient astronauts, by the gods I love those guys.

Naturally whenever expressing ideas about ancient astronauts writers always use passages from The Bible, for me The Bible is a series of writings written specifically for people who no longer exist and haven’t for thousands of years the stories within the pages of the collective we know as The Bible were aimed at a people in one very small geographical region of this mad wild planet the stories weren’t meant for a wider audience and perhaps that’s why I rejected them, many years ago, I’m not of the Hebrew tribe and I wasn’t born three, or four, thousand years ago I’m a child of the 20th century and I live in the 21st century Hebrew stories meant for a people who no longer exist bear no relevance to the times I’m experiencing of any of the experiences I randomly have, some by accident and some on purpose. There are no stories of ancient astronauts in The Bible because not one character in The Bible, fictional or real, ever encountered ancient astronauts.

It’s a shame ancient astronauts don’t exist, it would indeed be a wonder if they did, life changing, we do have to face the facts that it’s easy, far too easy, to take a story, real or fictitious, and bend and shape it to fit our own beliefs. People use stories in The Bible, and sometimes mere paragraphs and sentences, to express negative views towards homosexuals failing to realise that The Bible was never meant for them, it was never expected to still be making such a huge impact on people in the 21st century and the fact it still does is a sad reflection on how moronic most humans really are.

Sheeple not people.

Morons not rational thinking imaginative individuals.

Chapter two touches, briefly, on the influence of the ancient Sumerians, Earth’s first civilisation, maybe, the fact remains we know very little about ancient Sumer and some of what we do know, or what Icke eludes to in his book, is a misunderstanding of an ancient peoples beliefs and lifestyle choices. We can’t use Sumer as an example of a culture that was visited by ancient astronauts because there’s no evidence aliens, humanoid aliens, visited Sumer and with very few scholars able to translate the Sumerian written language we’re not exactly sure what the Sumerians believed or experienced. I do, at times like this, wish writers didn’t bend facts to shape their own beliefs and I totally wish writers didn’t have their own agendas instead of trying to fool the gullible into believing any old nonsense writers like David Icke should be presenting evidence based alternative points of view instead of relying on alleged messages from alien intelligences.

After two chapters of bollocks I’m finding The Robots’ Rebellion tough going.

Boo me!

The Robots’ Rebellion Part 1

The Robots' Rebllion

And so begins my long, and somewhat joyful, reading and blogging about the wonderful books of Mr David Icke. The Robots’ Rebellion begins with a chapter titled The Takeover Bid under a part one section of the book titled The Darkness.

Now I’m no sycophant I don’t believe everything people tell me or everything I read I only believe in things I can accept, stuff that somehow makes sense to me and my experiences in this mad crazy world we assume is real.

Much of chapter one of this book is taken up with spiritual musings and the assumption psychics are making accurate claims about the nature of the universe and the formation of planet Earth.

Personally I don’t believe in psychic powers, I’d like to live in a world in which super powers were a reality but I don’t, I’d like to have super powers of my own Superman style super powers but I wouldn’t be a decent nice guy trying to save everyone and the world instead I’d make everyone, everywhere, fucking behave, but besides my obsession with accidentally Marvel style acquiring super powers there’s no way I’m ever going to have super powers and neither are you.

This first chapter was hard re-reading for me and I confess I skipped by parts of it, Atlantis, blah, King Arthur, meh.

The only real part of the chapter I was concerned with was the opening paragraph, ‘who created God?’ I’m an Atheist by nature for me God, Jesus, Heaven and Hell are merely fictions a method used to keep people under control but even though I am an Atheist with no spiritual beliefs or leanings whatsoever I do wish to know the origin of God.

I figure the fictional creation is an amalgamation of Egyptian and Babylonian beliefs and perhaps a little bit here and a little bit there stolen from other Middle Eastern cultures lost to us in time.

For blind believers in the existence of fictional beings roaming this vast universe God is the ultimate in power and majesty, according to believers God is omniscient, which means He has infinite knowledge, basically He knows everything about everything, the cleverest being in the entire universe, way smarter than me and thee and even smarter than Einstein and Newton. Clever isn’t something I’d attribute to any religious belief in God, for the smartest being in all the universe His worshippers sure are fucking stupid. He needs smarter people to believe in Him, I’m not smart, I’m an idiot but even I find other idiots fucking annoying and I’ve always assumed smart people find idiots unbearable God is the smartest being in all the universe He’d despise idiots.

So He’d hate, with passion, all His believers.

God is also supposed to be omnipotent, all powerful, not only the smartest being in all the universe but also the most badass, He could, in theory, kill the entire universe with but a thought no one, not even Superman, can fight and defeat God only…

… in the Bible, Old Testament, the fictional character Jacob wrestles and defeats the fictional God of the Hebrews, the all mighty and all powerful Yahweh, IHVH, but if God possesses unlimited power, enough power to end the universe, how could Jacob defeat Him?

God is also supposed to be omnipresent, which means He’s everywhere at once, the entire universe is God and God is the entire universe, kinda like Eternity from Marvel comics. So He, God, would know what’s happening as it happens maybe even before it happens so nothing would be a surprise to Him and yet the behaviour of the humans he destroys in the Great Deluge takes Him by surprise.

The origin of the God of the Bible might, no one it seems knows for sure, originate in Egypt when the pharaoh Akhenaten created a monotheistic religion and usurped the long established pantheon that dominated the land, Akhenaten’s One God, a Sun God, could have been the inspiration for Yahweh, though Yahweh seems like an angry storm god rather than a hopeful sun god.

I doubt anyone will ever know for sure where or how God originated but there’s one thing that’s for damn sure He is only a fictional character created by Man and not the other way around.

This first chapter of David Icke’s conspiracy, ancient mystery, is very disappointing, it seemed to me mostly nonsense I’ve read elsewhere before, bog standard random ideas about ancient human history that’s predicated upon lies and misunderstandings I’d hoped for more, it’s no The Biggest Secret and now I’m wishing I’d started with that book and ignored the two books that preceded it.


The Biggest Secret


I’m currently reading David Icke’s Phantom Self and re-reading The Biggest Secret, I’m a big fan of David Icke’s workings it doesn’t matter if any of his claims are true (I’m sure religious people from all faiths can relate) but I want them to be true.

I had planned on re-reading The Robot’s Rebellion followed by And The Truth Shall Set You Free but I figured re-reading The Biggest Secret covers the ideas and themes of both books and I can write blog posts about The Biggest Secret and go nuts.

Some people tend to think David Icke is nuts but I find his ideas interesting and I buy and read each new book he releases it’s a happy moment, for me, when a new David Icke book arrives.

The Martians Have Landed?

The title of the first chapter of The Biggest Secret is The Martians Have Landed?

But landed where? Read on and you might just find out.

The Brotherhood is a constant theme of Icke’s writing an old (ancient) bloodline that’s ruled, and ruined, humanity for thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of years. This Brotherhood might have originated according to Icke in Babylon and began their ‘Great Work of Ages’ this working is planned to control (almost) every aspect of human existence and if true then it’s worked perfectly so far but only for the benefit of a small minority.

Ancient Astronauts is brought up as an idea throughout Icke’s workings evidence for such impossible beings rests with the mysterious constructs to be found around the world, Baalbek in Lebanon, the Nazca lines in Peru, like the existence of the Brotherhood such evidence is merely circumstantial we, the plebians, can’t actually provide any hard evidence that such things are real, we can wish for them to be real, we can believe, but we can’t empirically prove such. I suppose if we could then they wouldn’t be fantastical mysteries instead they’d be merely mundane and we wouldn’t have any interest in such ideas.

According to a friend of Icke, Brian Desborough, and fellow conspiracy boffin he believes our Solar System to have been built in a manner popularised decades ago by Immanuel Velikovsky, planets, Venus for example, crashing into the system from some unknown space and causing massive upheaval destroying a civilisation on the planet Mars and generally annoying Earth. Apparently the Martians were forced to flee their home world for the nearest habitable planet that planet just happened to be Earth great wars were fought with the natives of Earth, an highly advanced black culture and the invading Martians, white skinned humanoids, were victorious. It sounds ace and if true every time a white person tells a black person to ‘go back to where you come from’, a black person could retort, ‘I’m from Earth fuck off back to Mars Martian scum’. I’d love it.

Obviously there’s no evidence to prove Velikovsky’s cosmology and zero evidence to back up Desborough’s claim us white folk are descendants of white Martians, shame we’re not white Martians from the DC Uinverse we’d all have super powers and I’d love to have super powers, it’s such a sigh when reality just doesn’t match up to imagination.

From my perspective none of the above needs to be true, I don’t need to believe that white people are Martians, or that there’s an ancient Brotherhood dominating and manipulating humanity, it doesn’t matter it’s just fun to imagine such things are in fact real. The truth of the matter is the human world is probably as mundane as it seems with no big secrets to be discovered or knowledge to be shared and that the cosmos was born from a Big Bang and we’re all here by accident it’s still fantastical when you think about it just not as fantastical as Ancient Astronauts.

Be Mo Farah


If there’s something you want to do, like really, really want to do then you’ve got be inspired by someone like Mo Farah, I’m not sure if everyone saw his 10k race during the Rio Olympics but the dude fell heavily to the floor rolled back onto his feet and won the frikkin’ race it was the best example I’ve ever seen of someone really wanting something badly enough to not give up. It was inspirational. Olympians can inspire us all, perhaps more than any other type of person. For the purpose of a blog post I’m going to list a few challenges I’ve decided to try and be Mo Farah at:

Be Happy Now

There’s no point being happy at some undetermined future time because the future’s so unpredictable we all might be dead before we can be happy. Though I’ll be happy if all our deaths are the result of a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, we’d be living in a freakin’ movie and wouldn’t that be great? Yes it really, really would.

I’m not present enough to be happy at times yet to come I never, or very rarely, make plans for the future I just exist from day to day present in the moment but not present enough to plan ahead. In my life everything happens by accident and nothing is pre-planned, fortunately those accidents turn out well rather than disastrous. Lucky me.

Being happy isn’t something that happens by accident however it’s something you’ve got to want, like Mo Farah winning his race, you’ve got to wake up and be happy it doesn’t matter what time of the day I wake sometimes it’s 04:00 and sometimes it’s 14:00 it depends on my shifts at my place of employ but I always make the effort to be happy, usually by messing about while looking in a mirror, for some reason my ugly visage makes me happy. From my waking moment I make sure every moment brings happiness, preparing and eating food, wasting a few hours writing or drawing, reading comic books, watching DVDs, deciding what to wear, making the five mile plus walk to work, working out with weights, being alone and enjoying complete silence.

I don’t believe that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose of our lives, I don’t actually believe in anything, but I figure because we’re here, we’re alive, we’re still breathing without illness, physical and mental, to plague us we should be happy without having purpose or the wasting of time pursuing happiness.

Most of the time I’m not even aware I’m happy, until I catch myself smiling or laughing or I punch the air with joy because I’ve just watched something ace or read something remarkable but once I catch myself I’m amused because I’m happy about nothing major, I’m happy about being alone, I’m happy without being a winner, without having spent a shed load of cash and then bragging about spending a shed load of cash, I’m happy about having nothing really to be happy about other than happiness itself. It’s a challenge being happy in a human world that seems so fucking unhappy but be inspired by Mo Farah and fight to be happy, WANT to be happy.

Write A Horror Novel

If you’ve never tried to write a work of fiction before you might be under the impression that writing a novel is easy, you just sit before a notepad, or keyboard, and write away the story just flowing from brain to fingers to paper, or computer screen, but that’s not how writing works it requires talent, hard work, self sacrifice and lots and lots of inspiration.

I’ve decided to write a horror novel because my favourite genre, be it movies, TV, books, is the horror genre back in the good ol’ Eighties I read voraciously horror novels I never really read any other genre I had love for science fiction but only visually, movies, TV shows, comic books and I had love of fantasy novels but they tended to be these massive sprawling tomes and I preferred my fantasy more heroic, Conan the Barbarian, than high, Tolkien-esque.

My favourite writers throughout the Eighties were Stephen King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz and of course HP Lovecraft, I don’t read horror novels anymore, other than Lovecraft, I’ve tried to embrace the horror novel genre but I’ve been bitterly disappointed by the novels people, via the Internet, have recommended so I’ve figured why not write a horror novel, write something I want to read, so I’m going to make attempt, fail, feel sad, eat twelve pizzas, cry, crawl into a little ball and die unless of course I’m inspired by Mo Farah and persevere.

Create A Webcomic

I have this idea for a webcomic, it’s probably not a great idea but it is indeed an idea, I want to draw a webcomic inspired by Jack Kirby and have most of it, if not all, completed for August 28th 2017, Kirby’s 100th birthday.

My idea is pretty basic, dude gets super powers, discovers the world is not what it seems, fights evil, it’s all been done before, and much better than I can manage, it’s impossible for me to conjure forth anything original, or even interesting, I can only create stuff I want to read.

The origin of the super dude character has already been mapped out thumbnails wise now I face the hard work translating the thumbnails to full pencils to inks to digital colour add a bunch of coherent words and BOOM webcomic.

Lose Weight, Eat Less

I decided at the beginning of August to lose weight my aim was to lose eight pounds by September 1st I weighed myself at about 06:30 on the morning of September 1st and I was 13 stone 7 pounds rather than losing eight pounds I’d lost fifteen I was most happy with myself and my new target is to hit less than 13 stone by the end of the year. It’s not going to be easy, it requires a lot of hard work, commitment, determination and fighting through days when I just want to eat pizza for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Eating less has been my method of losing weight, I’ve never really ate a big breakfast, preferring two eggs scrambled or berries,  Greek style yoghurt and peanut butter (Whole Earth, crunchy, no added sugar) I’ve stuck to my usual breakfasts alternating so as not to get too bored eating the same thing every morning. For dinner/lunch I’ve mostly ate vegetables with noodles and for tea/dinner two chicken breast, salmon, or a chicken thigh. In between meals I’ve ate one banana and one Satsuma (easy peel) I haven’t found myself feeling hungry, I’ve been quite happy with my diet but I have noticed on the few occasions I’ve ate a large meal a feeling of being bloated, it’s been most unpleasant, and I figure eating less has caused me to be unable to eat more.

I’m of the opinion that we, in nations like Britain, eat far too much, we seem addicted to eating. I live in the centre of my hometown, the desk I sit at to write these blog posts, my novel and create my webcomic is situated so I can see out of my living room window I see the people from my hometown wandering about throughout the day and night most of them are overweight, most of them heavier than me, some of them, a lot, are obese.

I have no problem with fat people, it’s their choice to be massively overweight but I have come to the conclusion that humans are supposed to be slightly, or even massively, under weight. During our caveman days I imagine men and women to have been under weight, I imagine food sources were scarce hunting hardly easy and with so much competition meat wasn’t always a stable part of the human diet. I imagine that early humans were more vegetarian than carnivores and I imagine that life was really harsh, required of people to be on the go from the moment the sun rose to the moment it set, I imagine cavemen, and women, were skinny things and no one was ever fat with this imagining in mind I’ve figured the healthiest choice is to be under weight and not overweight so I’m going to try and reach a weight below my ideal.

In addition, cave people didn’t eat bread, cakes, McDonalds or drink gallons of Coca Cola because such things just didn’t exist, they survived well enough for all of us to be here now on meat, fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables they were the strongest, healthiest, hardiest, fittest humans to ever exist, THE most successful humans in our long bloody history as well as being inspired by Olympians we would do well to be inspired by our caveman ancestors without them fighting to survive every day there’d be no me and no you.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is evil.

We consume way too much sugar, just about everything we eat, especially packaged food stuff, is drenched in sugar, I don’t know why this has become socially accepted perhaps because sugar is an addictive compound it makes us buy more food thus making someone somewhere extremely wealthy. More fool all of us for making other people extremely wealthy we’re supposed to be clever, a smart monkey, but we just seem fucking stupid.

Throughout August I mainly ate vegetables, fruits and chicken my intake of sugary crap was greatly reduced I didn’t notice a difference in my attitude, I wasn’t happier or unhappier, but I did end up losing 15 pounds in weight.

I must be inspired by my weight loss and continue to avoid eating chocolate and drinking fizzy drinks, it’s obvious they’re not going to be good for me, health wise, so why keep consuming them?

It’s the same theme with smokers and drinkers they know they’re doing themselves harm by smoking and drinking and yet they continue to drink and smoke, like I’ve already made mention we’re supposed to be smart but all the evidence points to the unarguable fact that we’re idiots.

Be A Friendlier, Nicer Person

I’m neither friendly or nice and I’m happy for others to be unfriendly and nasty towards me, doesn’t bother me one bit, I just don’t care, fuck people, but it wouldn’t hurt me, well maybe not, to be friendlier and nicer though it does seem like a lot of hard work.

Over a decade ago I tried to be friendlier and nicer I managed two and half days on the third day I felt so ill I threw up in my mouth and thought, ‘fuck this shit!’ stopped being friendly and nice and immediately felt much better.

This time however I’m going to work through the feeling of sick, work hard at being nice, endeavour to be friendly, I don’t know why I’ve decided to make this attempt it just seems impossible and I’m the kind of person who wants the impossible to be possible, like wishing for a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion or better yet an alien invasion during a zombie apocalypse. Hmm, why isn’t there a TV show featuring such an idea? Think The Walking Dead mashed with Falling Skies only well written with interesting characters. If only.

The Times They Seem A Little Crazy


Events at the moment seem crazy but they do so only because we’re experiencing them. For a little, and brief, perspective here’s a few thoughts 1 Just because ISIS, or Daesh, whatever, claim responsibility for murder, mass and individual, doesn’t make it true. If you stubbed your toe they’d probably claim responsibility. 2 One hundred years ago men from France, Germany and Britain were dying in their thousands their lives thrown away in a bloody world war. 3 Britain this century alone has in some capacity been involved in five wars, or military actions, all five of those conflicts were against Islamic states. I don’t believe in nonsense like ‘You Get What You Deserve’ and the incredibly stupid ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ but Britain’s military actions have consequences and if events occur here in Britain like they have in France we can hardly make the claim that we are innocent.

Thanks For All The Cheese


I’ve got to say melted cheese is AWESOME!

I say this because I was happily tucking into my breakfast upon my arrival home from work and this mornings breakfast was a cheese toastie so I was chewing away thinking to myself ‘ain’t cheese great’ as I enjoyed every mouthful and my two cheese toasties became one and then none I wished for another cheese toast, fortunately because the loaf I bought was smaller than the regulation size I’d already prepared another two cheese toasties. It’s moments like this that make me appreciate my life, there’s only good things in it and not really any bad. I’m one of those fortunate sods who sails happily through life without cause for concern or drama.

Weirdo? Yep I certainly am that but from my perspective it’s the people who have concerns and dramas who are weird. I’m often thinking to myself, while interacting with other people, weirdos. Fortunately my interaction with other people is kept at a pleasant minimum.

I can truthfully admit I like melted cheese more than I like people, cheese, especially when it’s melted in a toastie or on pizza just makes moment after moment so much better than normal but people, so I’ve observed, just make each moment almost unbearable. I don’t know what’s wrong with people but I do have a few ideas along the lines of people being sociopaths, nut jobs, drama queens, arrogant egotists, stupid crazy fools and bigoted ignoramuses. But cheese, especially melted, is just AWESOME!

I’m not sure if anyone can present a cogent argument proving that people are better than cheese, especially melted cheese, because I just don’t see how anyone can claim people are AWESOME! Melted cheese just is, people just aren’t and so cheese, especially when it’s melted is just better than people. I think that’s something a scientist would say is a theory and we non-scientists would claim is a fact.

If you think about it rationally, like Mr Spock apply logic, then cheese, especially the delicious melted variety, is so much better than people, individuals and a mass collective, cheese has never started and fought a war, cheese doesn’t rape children, Donald Trump isn’t cheese he’s people, well maybe. When Jesus Christ (yes I know he’s a fictional creation but let’s be honest who isn’t?) said the meek will inherit the Earth he was speaking Aramaic and the Aramaic word meek actually means cheese in English, so cheese, especially when it’s delightfully melted, will one day inherit the Earth, though at the rate people are fucking it up there won’t be much left to inherit.

Philosophy, superheroes and Star Trek

My night is perfectly planned I find myself immersed in worlds I find interesting and extremely enjoyable. 

The history of philosophy is an excellently written series of books beginning with the Greek pre-Socratics it covers the Miletus philosophers, Thales for example, and continues through Anaximander and Parmenides. Not all the so called pre-Socratics came before Socrates some were of the same time period as the great philosopher, although we know very little of Socrates and what we do know is via the works of Plato.

Classical Philosophy mostly concerns itself with the works of Plato and Aristotle, Plato was of course the student of Socrates and tutor of Aristotle.

For my superhero needs I’ve chosen the recently released Doom Patrol volume two written by Grant Morrison, the Doom Patrol are on the verge of being revamped by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame and are the super group you call if your life is under threat from the most weird of bad guys volume two concerns itself with the sinister, and mostly inept, Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and witnesses the first appearance of Danny the Street a sentient street and of Flex Mentallo who appeared in his own mini-series which is one of my favourite works of literature and not just one of my favourite comic books.

Star Trek the original series is the best version of the science fiction myth featuring the best cast and crew of the Enterprise. In fact the original series, and cast, are so good all other versions have been terribly disappointing especially the reboot of the original series which is Star Trek in name but not in execution.

While most of my night shift was intricately planned the odd few hours devoid of other people’s great fictional imaginings was filled with my own fictional creations as I continued to create my Kung-Fu SuperNerd tale that may, or may not, see life as a webcomic.

Euro 2016 versus EU Referendum

EU versus Britain

Based upon the three days, so far, of violence some of it perpetrated by England fans and some of it perpetrated upon England fans it seems sensible if the other member states of the EU had a referendum to ban English people from visiting European nations keep us Englanders safely contained within the British Isles. There are so many people, along with the media, scaremongering that if Britain remains in the EU and Turkey joins the EU Britain will be hit by an influx of savages, potential terrorists, and yet, so far, it’s not been Turkish fans celebrating their team playing in Euro 2016 that’s been headline news across the world for three days of violence it’s England fans. Strange isn’t it? The savages involved in three days of violence are white Anglo-Saxons, men who have historically bombed and invaded Muslim nations. Maybe it’s Turkey that should hope Britain leaves the EU just in case Brits decide to emigrate to Turkey.

Though the violence isn’t even a British problem, not yet at least, Irish and Welsh fans seem happy to venture out, have a drink and be well behaved and friendly towards the host nation and visiting fans from all over Europe. Why is it the English fans from Britain that can’t go and have a drink and then behave responsibly? I know not all English people supporting England FC are behaving abhorrently but there seems to be a tribe (if you like) of Englanders who are behaving abhorrently and when not engaging in violence are behaving anti-socially.

It’s a shame as an English person myself that such behaviour follows my fellow Englanders everywhere they go. I remember back in 2004 enjoying New Year’s Eve/Day in New York City, my friends and I drinking far too much and heading back to the hotel drunk as skunks but happily drunk as skunks we engaged pleasantly in conversation with people from NYC and from further afield, New Zealand, nearing our destination we came across the only violent nob head behaviour and it was a fellow Englander throwing punches at two Canadian chaps who were just trying to help him after he, the Englander, had fallen into the road. It was a comical scene, fortunately our fellow Englander was far too drunk to actually hit anyone and was punching away at fresh air, the Canadians were super nice and had never seen a violent drunken Englander before, though drunk ourselves we intervened letting the Canadians know this kind of culture was something common place in England and we spoke to the Englander, who was abusive, and persuaded him to go back to his hotel which he did cursing us and staggering off up the road.

It seems to be a kind of English sickness the scenes I’m witnessing in France, with all the potential violence that could erupt from angry young men, supporters of ISIS, the French police are instead having to worry about a bunch of drunken nob head Englanders. Yes young men from other countries, Russia for example, are as bad if not worst but I can’t condemn people from elsewhere if my fellow countrymen are behaving badly also.

I’ve been of the opinion for a long time now that instead of focussing on and highlighting the problems other nations have to suffer (the United States for example with its mass shooting epidemic) people should instead focus on all the problems their home nations, or in the case of England country, suffers find solutions to those problems improve one’s home nation and then, maybe, concentrate on criticising other nations and citizens after all how can any English person speak critically of European nations, or anywhere else in the world, when English people have been behaving like racist thugs over in France.

It’s a weird culture having spent hard earned cash to go watch their beloved England team instead of being in the news for celebrating the atmosphere of being at a football tournament they’re in the news for shocking scenes of bigotry (No Surrender To The IRA, I don’t think the Irish Republican Army has a football team, There Were Fifty German Bombers In The Air, sang loudly by men far too young to have participated in the Battle of Britain and I assume they’re fucking idiots and thus have very little or no knowledge of events that took place during World War 2) and awful scenes of violence.

This is the first time this century I’ve been a fan of England FC and it’s because of people like the English thugs in France that I’ve been anti-patriotic all my adult life and felt hatred towards my fellow Englanders fortunately I’ve come to terms with all my negativity and I’ve not, so far, returned to hating the English instead I’ve been focussed on positive aspects of English culture and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a hob-nob while watching the news and tut-tutting at my fellow Englanders disgracing themselves and the land they’re supposed to be oh so proud of.

Herodotus: The Histories


I’ve started reading Herodotus, it’s part of my plan to better educate myself education doesn’t necessarily require schools, teachers, exams we can, if we choose, just go purchase a big pile of books and teach ourselves via reading and then Internet research.

I’m fascinated with the history of everything of civilisation, of us, where we came from, why we spread out across the world how the different physical characteristics developed separating us from each other and causing prejudice and hate.

I’d like, if it’s at all possible, to collect volumes of works that chart the birth of our world and the beginnings of life being an atheist I naturally don’t share religious people’s view that a supernatural entity magicked life into being. Sure Christians, Jews and Muslims could argue that their view point is right but there have been many, many religions during our journey from hunter/gatherers to civilised peoples living in a technological age most of those religions are now considered myth but they weren’t to the people who believed they believed just as much and just as hard as any Christian, Jew or Muslim.

Creation myths have come and gone along with the gods and goddesses responsible for them it’s arrogant for any Christian, Jew or Muslim to believe their religion is anyway more truthful than all the dead religions they scoff at as primitive belief.

I prefer being an Atheist to being a believer in a magick guy living in the sky I like the idea life is but an accident and that the Universe is harsh and cruel and doesn’t give a damn about me, or any of us as individuals and collectively as humans.

With my mind made up about discovering the origins of Earth and all life upon it I put my plan into action and Googled a question, ‘books on Earth’s beginnings?’, on io9, a website I regularly enjoy reading I found an article dealing with ten such books, two of them were specific to the North American continent so I excluded them from my Amazon wish list learning about the early beginnings of Earth I want my teachings to encompass the entire planet not merely one geographical region.

Books to be made purchase of are:

Microcosmos: Four Billion Years of Microbial Evolution.

Life On A Young Planet: The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth.

When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinctions of All Time.

The Medea Hypothesis: Is Life On Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive?

Eating The Sun: How Plants Power The Planet.

Oxygen: The Molecule That Made The World.

The Planet in a Pebble: A Journey Into Earth’s Deep History.

Written In Stone: The Hidden Secrets of Fossils and the Story of Life on Earth.

All books sound very interesting and it’s going to be a pleasure to delve into our world’s history making awesome discoveries and being, figuratively not literally, blown out of my pants with amazement and excitement. Naturally once these books are greedily consumed I’m going to move onto books dealing specifically with each geological time period given to our world for example from the Precambrian to the Pleistocene.

What began with my interest in reading The Histories by Herodotus as exploded into this discovery of life’s mysterious beginnings and a journey will begin, for me, tracing the movements of our early ancestors as they struggled and triumphed over a very harsh environment.

I could make purchase of TV shows covering similar topics but I wouldn’t get as much out of TV shows I find I learn more and retain information better if I read it and make notes as I go along. It’s an interesting project I’ve added to the others that I’ve burdened myself with this year to try and figure out our origins and that of our world should, you’d think, be a major concern for us all considering the fact we’re supposed to be an intelligent questioning species.