Preacher One Point Three


Rather than aiming at being a TV adaptation of a comic book Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Preacher seems, to me, a modern day Western. It features all those Big Country style scenes of flat plains and endless skies and I love the imagery of it all. There might have been a way of making it more of a Western in a modern day setting and that would have been making Jesse Custer the local sheriff as well as the preacher. A bad man gone good.

In the comic book series, if my memory serves, Jesse Custer is a preacher because his crazy grandmother determined he would be so by breaking his spirit and forcing him into a life he detests. So far his twisted fucked up extended family hasn’t been mentioned.

Two of my favourite things from the comic book series are so far missing from the television series “you gotta be a good guy, Jesse. You gotta be like John Wayne: you don’t take no shit off fools, an’ you judge people by what’s in ’em, not how they look. An’ you do the right thing. You gotta be one of the good guys, son, ’cause there’s way too many of the bad.”

It’s a quote and sentiment everyone everywhere could go adhere to everyday of their misbegotten inbred lives. Especially in the wake of thuggish violence during a sporting tournament on the European continent and yet another mass shooting in the United States of America, yeah, and sigh. Folks should understand life, the world, it ain’t here for them, it ain’t here for me and it ain’t here for you if people want to be gay, or Christian, or Muslim, or live quietly, or loudly, or live in peace devoid of thoughts of anger and hate then just let them be mind your own fucking business and don’t interfere in the business of others. Unfortunately people are batshit fucking crazy, every motherfucking last one of us and we just can’t let things be or let people be. There’s no such thing as freedom there’s just the illusion it’s an idea, a good one, but people can’t allow other people to be free, to live the life they want, it’s not the done thing, there’s always some insane cunt wanting to make everyone like them.

But I digress.

This episode did make mention, by Jesse Custer, of being a good guy but it didn’t do the whole speech and that’s what I want, I WANT the idea of being a good guy this idealistic mythical notion of always doing the right thing. No matter what.

The other thing that’s missing from the television series thus far is John Wayne, in the comic book series Jesse Custer had lengthy conversations with John Wayne for the best part of his life, John Wayne abandoned him when Custer rolled over like a dog, perhaps that’s why he’s missing, once Custer abandons being a preacher and is true to himself John Wayne will make an appearance. I sure hope so I could do with a no-nonsense John Wayne speaking truth and making sense.

I’ve read comments from Preacher fans who aren’t happy with Tulip not being Anglo-Saxon, there’s always some chap ready to voice a negative opinion when a white skinned character in one entertainment medium ends up non-white skinned in another entertainment medium. It don’t matter none to me, I like the Tulip character in Preacher, she’s my favourite character so far, the one who seems to be driving the plot and the story out yonder into the sunset. Also, and this is the thing for me, fictional characters aren’t real, what they look like, how they are, it don’t mean a thing because they don’t exist there’s way too many things wrong with the human world to be getting all bent out of shape about a fictional white character going black.

The reason white skinned characters end up dark skinned is because most creators of stories, in the English language, are white and so their characters are white. In Hollywood all the main characters in the movies endlessly pumped out tend to be white and male it’s as though writers can’t identify with non-white peoples and with females, but a character black or white, with cock or pussy, is just a character, a person, we’re all the fucking same everywhere you go, it’s stupid to think of non-white males as somehow different, or alien. Non-human animated characters have more starring roles than women and non-white people do and isn’t that an incredible shame?

I’m not even sure the above statement is in any way true, but it sounds true.

The Nice Guys set in the Seventies, two whiter than white guys having fun and adventure, why wasn’t one of those guys a Shaft type character? Shaft is a definitive Seventies thriller one of the very best and it certainly has the best theme tune. Just saying.

Of course there’s reasons beyond reason for the change of a character like why the fuck is the Ancient One in Doctor Strange, the upcoming Marvel movie, a white female? Oh, because Marvel Studios, and by extension Disney, didn’t want to upset China because the Ancient One in the comics is Tibetan, FUCK CHINA, the rest of the world should have kicked its ass by now for its treatment of Tibetans the reason America, and its allies, don’t is because China is a means to make a shit ton of poorly made crap which means more profits for American and European companies. Yep cash before people you’ve gotta love the human race.



Herodotus: The Histories


I’ve started reading Herodotus, it’s part of my plan to better educate myself education doesn’t necessarily require schools, teachers, exams we can, if we choose, just go purchase a big pile of books and teach ourselves via reading and then Internet research.

I’m fascinated with the history of everything of civilisation, of us, where we came from, why we spread out across the world how the different physical characteristics developed separating us from each other and causing prejudice and hate.

I’d like, if it’s at all possible, to collect volumes of works that chart the birth of our world and the beginnings of life being an atheist I naturally don’t share religious people’s view that a supernatural entity magicked life into being. Sure Christians, Jews and Muslims could argue that their view point is right but there have been many, many religions during our journey from hunter/gatherers to civilised peoples living in a technological age most of those religions are now considered myth but they weren’t to the people who believed they believed just as much and just as hard as any Christian, Jew or Muslim.

Creation myths have come and gone along with the gods and goddesses responsible for them it’s arrogant for any Christian, Jew or Muslim to believe their religion is anyway more truthful than all the dead religions they scoff at as primitive belief.

I prefer being an Atheist to being a believer in a magick guy living in the sky I like the idea life is but an accident and that the Universe is harsh and cruel and doesn’t give a damn about me, or any of us as individuals and collectively as humans.

With my mind made up about discovering the origins of Earth and all life upon it I put my plan into action and Googled a question, ‘books on Earth’s beginnings?’, on io9, a website I regularly enjoy reading I found an article dealing with ten such books, two of them were specific to the North American continent so I excluded them from my Amazon wish list learning about the early beginnings of Earth I want my teachings to encompass the entire planet not merely one geographical region.

Books to be made purchase of are:

Microcosmos: Four Billion Years of Microbial Evolution.

Life On A Young Planet: The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth.

When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinctions of All Time.

The Medea Hypothesis: Is Life On Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive?

Eating The Sun: How Plants Power The Planet.

Oxygen: The Molecule That Made The World.

The Planet in a Pebble: A Journey Into Earth’s Deep History.

Written In Stone: The Hidden Secrets of Fossils and the Story of Life on Earth.

All books sound very interesting and it’s going to be a pleasure to delve into our world’s history making awesome discoveries and being, figuratively not literally, blown out of my pants with amazement and excitement. Naturally once these books are greedily consumed I’m going to move onto books dealing specifically with each geological time period given to our world for example from the Precambrian to the Pleistocene.

What began with my interest in reading The Histories by Herodotus as exploded into this discovery of life’s mysterious beginnings and a journey will begin, for me, tracing the movements of our early ancestors as they struggled and triumphed over a very harsh environment.

I could make purchase of TV shows covering similar topics but I wouldn’t get as much out of TV shows I find I learn more and retain information better if I read it and make notes as I go along. It’s an interesting project I’ve added to the others that I’ve burdened myself with this year to try and figure out our origins and that of our world should, you’d think, be a major concern for us all considering the fact we’re supposed to be an intelligent questioning species.