Be Mo Farah


If there’s something you want to do, like really, really want to do then you’ve got be inspired by someone like Mo Farah, I’m not sure if everyone saw his 10k race during the Rio Olympics but the dude fell heavily to the floor rolled back onto his feet and won the frikkin’ race it was the best example I’ve ever seen of someone really wanting something badly enough to not give up. It was inspirational. Olympians can inspire us all, perhaps more than any other type of person. For the purpose of a blog post I’m going to list a few challenges I’ve decided to try and be Mo Farah at:

Be Happy Now

There’s no point being happy at some undetermined future time because the future’s so unpredictable we all might be dead before we can be happy. Though I’ll be happy if all our deaths are the result of a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, we’d be living in a freakin’ movie and wouldn’t that be great? Yes it really, really would.

I’m not present enough to be happy at times yet to come I never, or very rarely, make plans for the future I just exist from day to day present in the moment but not present enough to plan ahead. In my life everything happens by accident and nothing is pre-planned, fortunately those accidents turn out well rather than disastrous. Lucky me.

Being happy isn’t something that happens by accident however it’s something you’ve got to want, like Mo Farah winning his race, you’ve got to wake up and be happy it doesn’t matter what time of the day I wake sometimes it’s 04:00 and sometimes it’s 14:00 it depends on my shifts at my place of employ but I always make the effort to be happy, usually by messing about while looking in a mirror, for some reason my ugly visage makes me happy. From my waking moment I make sure every moment brings happiness, preparing and eating food, wasting a few hours writing or drawing, reading comic books, watching DVDs, deciding what to wear, making the five mile plus walk to work, working out with weights, being alone and enjoying complete silence.

I don’t believe that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose of our lives, I don’t actually believe in anything, but I figure because we’re here, we’re alive, we’re still breathing without illness, physical and mental, to plague us we should be happy without having purpose or the wasting of time pursuing happiness.

Most of the time I’m not even aware I’m happy, until I catch myself smiling or laughing or I punch the air with joy because I’ve just watched something ace or read something remarkable but once I catch myself I’m amused because I’m happy about nothing major, I’m happy about being alone, I’m happy without being a winner, without having spent a shed load of cash and then bragging about spending a shed load of cash, I’m happy about having nothing really to be happy about other than happiness itself. It’s a challenge being happy in a human world that seems so fucking unhappy but be inspired by Mo Farah and fight to be happy, WANT to be happy.

Write A Horror Novel

If you’ve never tried to write a work of fiction before you might be under the impression that writing a novel is easy, you just sit before a notepad, or keyboard, and write away the story just flowing from brain to fingers to paper, or computer screen, but that’s not how writing works it requires talent, hard work, self sacrifice and lots and lots of inspiration.

I’ve decided to write a horror novel because my favourite genre, be it movies, TV, books, is the horror genre back in the good ol’ Eighties I read voraciously horror novels I never really read any other genre I had love for science fiction but only visually, movies, TV shows, comic books and I had love of fantasy novels but they tended to be these massive sprawling tomes and I preferred my fantasy more heroic, Conan the Barbarian, than high, Tolkien-esque.

My favourite writers throughout the Eighties were Stephen King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz and of course HP Lovecraft, I don’t read horror novels anymore, other than Lovecraft, I’ve tried to embrace the horror novel genre but I’ve been bitterly disappointed by the novels people, via the Internet, have recommended so I’ve figured why not write a horror novel, write something I want to read, so I’m going to make attempt, fail, feel sad, eat twelve pizzas, cry, crawl into a little ball and die unless of course I’m inspired by Mo Farah and persevere.

Create A Webcomic

I have this idea for a webcomic, it’s probably not a great idea but it is indeed an idea, I want to draw a webcomic inspired by Jack Kirby and have most of it, if not all, completed for August 28th 2017, Kirby’s 100th birthday.

My idea is pretty basic, dude gets super powers, discovers the world is not what it seems, fights evil, it’s all been done before, and much better than I can manage, it’s impossible for me to conjure forth anything original, or even interesting, I can only create stuff I want to read.

The origin of the super dude character has already been mapped out thumbnails wise now I face the hard work translating the thumbnails to full pencils to inks to digital colour add a bunch of coherent words and BOOM webcomic.

Lose Weight, Eat Less

I decided at the beginning of August to lose weight my aim was to lose eight pounds by September 1st I weighed myself at about 06:30 on the morning of September 1st and I was 13 stone 7 pounds rather than losing eight pounds I’d lost fifteen I was most happy with myself and my new target is to hit less than 13 stone by the end of the year. It’s not going to be easy, it requires a lot of hard work, commitment, determination and fighting through days when I just want to eat pizza for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Eating less has been my method of losing weight, I’ve never really ate a big breakfast, preferring two eggs scrambled or berries,  Greek style yoghurt and peanut butter (Whole Earth, crunchy, no added sugar) I’ve stuck to my usual breakfasts alternating so as not to get too bored eating the same thing every morning. For dinner/lunch I’ve mostly ate vegetables with noodles and for tea/dinner two chicken breast, salmon, or a chicken thigh. In between meals I’ve ate one banana and one Satsuma (easy peel) I haven’t found myself feeling hungry, I’ve been quite happy with my diet but I have noticed on the few occasions I’ve ate a large meal a feeling of being bloated, it’s been most unpleasant, and I figure eating less has caused me to be unable to eat more.

I’m of the opinion that we, in nations like Britain, eat far too much, we seem addicted to eating. I live in the centre of my hometown, the desk I sit at to write these blog posts, my novel and create my webcomic is situated so I can see out of my living room window I see the people from my hometown wandering about throughout the day and night most of them are overweight, most of them heavier than me, some of them, a lot, are obese.

I have no problem with fat people, it’s their choice to be massively overweight but I have come to the conclusion that humans are supposed to be slightly, or even massively, under weight. During our caveman days I imagine men and women to have been under weight, I imagine food sources were scarce hunting hardly easy and with so much competition meat wasn’t always a stable part of the human diet. I imagine that early humans were more vegetarian than carnivores and I imagine that life was really harsh, required of people to be on the go from the moment the sun rose to the moment it set, I imagine cavemen, and women, were skinny things and no one was ever fat with this imagining in mind I’ve figured the healthiest choice is to be under weight and not overweight so I’m going to try and reach a weight below my ideal.

In addition, cave people didn’t eat bread, cakes, McDonalds or drink gallons of Coca Cola because such things just didn’t exist, they survived well enough for all of us to be here now on meat, fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables they were the strongest, healthiest, hardiest, fittest humans to ever exist, THE most successful humans in our long bloody history as well as being inspired by Olympians we would do well to be inspired by our caveman ancestors without them fighting to survive every day there’d be no me and no you.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is evil.

We consume way too much sugar, just about everything we eat, especially packaged food stuff, is drenched in sugar, I don’t know why this has become socially accepted perhaps because sugar is an addictive compound it makes us buy more food thus making someone somewhere extremely wealthy. More fool all of us for making other people extremely wealthy we’re supposed to be clever, a smart monkey, but we just seem fucking stupid.

Throughout August I mainly ate vegetables, fruits and chicken my intake of sugary crap was greatly reduced I didn’t notice a difference in my attitude, I wasn’t happier or unhappier, but I did end up losing 15 pounds in weight.

I must be inspired by my weight loss and continue to avoid eating chocolate and drinking fizzy drinks, it’s obvious they’re not going to be good for me, health wise, so why keep consuming them?

It’s the same theme with smokers and drinkers they know they’re doing themselves harm by smoking and drinking and yet they continue to drink and smoke, like I’ve already made mention we’re supposed to be smart but all the evidence points to the unarguable fact that we’re idiots.

Be A Friendlier, Nicer Person

I’m neither friendly or nice and I’m happy for others to be unfriendly and nasty towards me, doesn’t bother me one bit, I just don’t care, fuck people, but it wouldn’t hurt me, well maybe not, to be friendlier and nicer though it does seem like a lot of hard work.

Over a decade ago I tried to be friendlier and nicer I managed two and half days on the third day I felt so ill I threw up in my mouth and thought, ‘fuck this shit!’ stopped being friendly and nice and immediately felt much better.

This time however I’m going to work through the feeling of sick, work hard at being nice, endeavour to be friendly, I don’t know why I’ve decided to make this attempt it just seems impossible and I’m the kind of person who wants the impossible to be possible, like wishing for a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion or better yet an alien invasion during a zombie apocalypse. Hmm, why isn’t there a TV show featuring such an idea? Think The Walking Dead mashed with Falling Skies only well written with interesting characters. If only.


Euro Bore 2016

Well that has been THE most boring football tournament I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. I’m glad it’s over and I find it amusing that the most undeserving team won. It completely sums up the tournament.

The Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain

England versus Wales in Euro 2016 footie action is one of those rare games that fills me with so much excitement and anticipation that I couldn’t sleep, seriously I couldn’t, I finished a night shift arrived home just before 08:00 hit the bed setting my alarm for 12 noon but because of my excitement and anticipation I must have woke and checked the time about a dozen times paranoid I’d miss a second of the build up and the actual game.

As a Briton it’s a game that it doesn’t matter to me which team wins, though I’m an Anglo-Saxon, well who believes he’s an Anglo-Saxon (can I be sure of my origins? After all I can’t remember being born, my earliest memory is one of suffering from an illness and being given a big pile of Spider-Man pocket comic books, I could be Irish, Scottish or Welsh, I could be from the planet Krypton robbed of my super powers by gold kryptonite, I could be fictional created by Steve Ditko with words by Stan Lee).

Surely national identification, if we’re going to embrace tribalism, is determined by place of birth if I was born in England then I’m English but because England’s not a recognised nation with an anthem and a seat at the United Nation I must therefore be British and not White British, I hate that further identification based upon ghostly or darkly shade of skin, I’m just British. In America (THE nation that has most influenced my life thanks to its glorious pop culture) identification becomes even more complex African-American, Asian-American maybe even Anglo-American? Why not just American? Why embrace disunity? I suppose ideas of race are far too complex for my small (almost non-existent) brain.

Today’s all British footie fixture will hopefully be a great game news worthy for the right reasons and not hijacked by a bunch of violent English bigoted cunts. You know if you’re English and a violent bigoted cunt don’t leave England you’re just an embarrassment to those of us who aren’t.

Euro 2016 versus EU Referendum

EU versus Britain

Based upon the three days, so far, of violence some of it perpetrated by England fans and some of it perpetrated upon England fans it seems sensible if the other member states of the EU had a referendum to ban English people from visiting European nations keep us Englanders safely contained within the British Isles. There are so many people, along with the media, scaremongering that if Britain remains in the EU and Turkey joins the EU Britain will be hit by an influx of savages, potential terrorists, and yet, so far, it’s not been Turkish fans celebrating their team playing in Euro 2016 that’s been headline news across the world for three days of violence it’s England fans. Strange isn’t it? The savages involved in three days of violence are white Anglo-Saxons, men who have historically bombed and invaded Muslim nations. Maybe it’s Turkey that should hope Britain leaves the EU just in case Brits decide to emigrate to Turkey.

Though the violence isn’t even a British problem, not yet at least, Irish and Welsh fans seem happy to venture out, have a drink and be well behaved and friendly towards the host nation and visiting fans from all over Europe. Why is it the English fans from Britain that can’t go and have a drink and then behave responsibly? I know not all English people supporting England FC are behaving abhorrently but there seems to be a tribe (if you like) of Englanders who are behaving abhorrently and when not engaging in violence are behaving anti-socially.

It’s a shame as an English person myself that such behaviour follows my fellow Englanders everywhere they go. I remember back in 2004 enjoying New Year’s Eve/Day in New York City, my friends and I drinking far too much and heading back to the hotel drunk as skunks but happily drunk as skunks we engaged pleasantly in conversation with people from NYC and from further afield, New Zealand, nearing our destination we came across the only violent nob head behaviour and it was a fellow Englander throwing punches at two Canadian chaps who were just trying to help him after he, the Englander, had fallen into the road. It was a comical scene, fortunately our fellow Englander was far too drunk to actually hit anyone and was punching away at fresh air, the Canadians were super nice and had never seen a violent drunken Englander before, though drunk ourselves we intervened letting the Canadians know this kind of culture was something common place in England and we spoke to the Englander, who was abusive, and persuaded him to go back to his hotel which he did cursing us and staggering off up the road.

It seems to be a kind of English sickness the scenes I’m witnessing in France, with all the potential violence that could erupt from angry young men, supporters of ISIS, the French police are instead having to worry about a bunch of drunken nob head Englanders. Yes young men from other countries, Russia for example, are as bad if not worst but I can’t condemn people from elsewhere if my fellow countrymen are behaving badly also.

I’ve been of the opinion for a long time now that instead of focussing on and highlighting the problems other nations have to suffer (the United States for example with its mass shooting epidemic) people should instead focus on all the problems their home nations, or in the case of England country, suffers find solutions to those problems improve one’s home nation and then, maybe, concentrate on criticising other nations and citizens after all how can any English person speak critically of European nations, or anywhere else in the world, when English people have been behaving like racist thugs over in France.

It’s a weird culture having spent hard earned cash to go watch their beloved England team instead of being in the news for celebrating the atmosphere of being at a football tournament they’re in the news for shocking scenes of bigotry (No Surrender To The IRA, I don’t think the Irish Republican Army has a football team, There Were Fifty German Bombers In The Air, sang loudly by men far too young to have participated in the Battle of Britain and I assume they’re fucking idiots and thus have very little or no knowledge of events that took place during World War 2) and awful scenes of violence.

This is the first time this century I’ve been a fan of England FC and it’s because of people like the English thugs in France that I’ve been anti-patriotic all my adult life and felt hatred towards my fellow Englanders fortunately I’ve come to terms with all my negativity and I’ve not, so far, returned to hating the English instead I’ve been focussed on positive aspects of English culture and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a hob-nob while watching the news and tut-tutting at my fellow Englanders disgracing themselves and the land they’re supposed to be oh so proud of.

England versus Russia

England hooligans

It seems that it wasn’t just on a football pitch that the pair were in competition out on the streets of Marseille nob heads from the nation of Russia and country of England both before and after the match were involved in violent clashes. I can’t speak ill of Russia, or Russians, I’ve never been to Russia or met any Russians but I can, rightly, make claim that England as a very large population of nob heads.

Unfortunately these nob heads aren’t happy being nobs morning, noon and night here in England they have to export their particular brand of nob head behaviour whenever they go abroad and an English person, like me for example, is forced to feel shame because some of my fellow Englanders are unable to behave politely and represent the best of England. Behaving, acting responsible, presenting to the rest of the world a well mannered, well behaved, decent collection of individuals just isn’t their style they have to drink far too much alcohol, it’s a common theme in England that you can’t be happy, can’t be having fun, can’t be seen to be enjoying yourself without being drunk, they have to be racist bigots and they have to have a fight with someone, anyone.

It’s nob heads like those causing violence and shouting stupid racist chants that made me for the best part of this century feel hate for the English but it’s a hate I’ve decided, in my old age, to let go of. In life to feel hate, to have moments of anger is to embrace negativity though it’s possible to develop hate for someone, or a group of someone’s, if you examine why you feel hate it’s possible, because I’ve managed it, to extinguish that hate by realising it’s irrational behaviour and not anything actually real. Hate is stupid and it only makes the person feeling hate also feel unhappy and why would anyone, in their right mind, wish to feel unhappy? Abandon hate it’s not real anyway it’s just an idea and a word that we as easily manipulated humans are indoctrinated into believing is a real human emotion.

Before the England V Russia Euro 2016 contest I had nipped into my nearby city of Nottingham to enjoy a few beers with friends, chill out for a few hours and enjoy geeky/nerdy conversations involving TV shows, movies and comic books. Arriving in Nottingham before 12 noon I was surprised at the heavy police presence I figured it couldn’t be for the football and eventually discovered that a group of Nottingham football hooligans had organised a protest against Islam, though I suspect the football hooligans have very little or no knowledge of the religion of Islam and were in actual fact ignoramuses hoping to cause a lot of trouble and disruption to local trade. A counter protest by a group of anti-fascists had confronted these football hooligans and though there was a heavy police presence with officers pulled in from other towns and cities the protest, and money spent on policing it, was all for naught only a dozen or so football hooligans actually turned up to protest and the police went home early happy it was such an embarrassing attempt by hooligans to express their racist, perhaps inbred, brainwashed ignorant beliefs.

My friends and I were bemused by the entire incident and just before 19:00 I left Nottingham to return home in time for the football and what an enjoyable game it was. England played really well and should have had the game in the bag before the end of the first half unfortunately a lack of luck and calm in front of Russia’s goal meant that the England team, and by extension us fans, had to settle for a disappointing one goal a piece draw.

Rather than be negative about the game I instead found it all greatly pleasing and feel as though the next game against Wales should be a cracking breath taking game of British footie action, it should play out like a Premier League game with Wales happy to play more defensively and hit England on the break and England with no choice but to go for all out attack. Though technically English myself my nationality is British, England is not a nation of course, and so as a Briton I’ll be supporting both England and Wales and be thinking why doesn’t Britain have it’s own national team? Why is Britain so divided? Can’t we all just get along and accept we’re British and not English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish isn’t it time we abandoned such tribal ideas of identity and instead embraced national identity? Maybe Britain would be a better place if the people who live here had a national identity and weren’t so divisive and accepting of segregation.

Anyhow, it was a thoroughly entertaining game of football and I’m looking forward to spending a lazy Sunday today watching all three Euro 2016 games and recovering from the five pints of beer I drank Saturday afternoon/early evening.


Three Lions On A Shirt


I still see that tackle by Moore
And when Lineker scored, Bobby belting the ball
And Nobby dancing

Three lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
Thirty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming
(England have done it! In the last minute of extra time!)
(What a save, Gordon Banks!)
(Good old England)
(England have got it in the bag)

I know that was then, but it could be again..

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming,
Footballs coming home
It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming,
Footballs coming home

To say I’m excited about Eur0 2016 and England’s game tonight against Russia is an understatement, I figure if I’m not careful I’ll choke with excitement.



I’m super excited for Euro 2016, it feels like 1996 once again. I haven’t been an England fan since the 1998 World Cup, though I am indeed English. I guess my falling out with England, almost every aspect of it including the football, was due to English people I had constant contact with being people I detested, but that’s all in the past and it’s best to forget the past, put the past behind learn from it and move on into a bright shiny future. Besides what’s the point having negative thoughts and feelings towards other people? It only makes you feel unhappy and we all have a choice we can be happy, no matter what, or unhappy and who, in their right mind, chooses to be unhappy?

I rushed home from work tonight eager to watch England versus Portugal and though I missed most of the first half I did happily watch the second. Now the commentators/pundits had the view that England were poor but I really enjoyed the game I guess it’s my renewed interest in England that I can embrace and enjoy things just for the hell of it.

Earlier today I was asked if I thought England could win the Euro’s and I answered honestly and positively of course they can it requires a little good luck and a lot of hard work but England can win the tournament.

I’ve bought, because I didn’t own any, a bunch of England related football tee’s and baseball cap, the cap I wear every work day, it’s an almost permanent fixture on my head, when I’m outside, as I mostly spend six out of seven days at work. Fortunately I have England’s opening game against Russia off work, sacrificing annual leave, and I’ll spend the day with friends, I don’t spend enough time with but that’s life, and I’ll watch the game in the evening full of excitement, positive feelings, happy cheer and beer.