Preacher Two Point One


Preacher season two begins with a discussion about circumcision and what happens to all those itty bitty foreskins. Not something I’ve ever thought about, and circumcision here in the U.K. isn’t a thing, as far as I’m aware most of us chaps still have our foreskins just flapping about down there between our legs.

Fortunately the foreskin discussion doesn’t last too long within mere moments the terrible trio of Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy are trying to out run a police car while singing along to Come On Eileen on the radio.

Unfortunately, after a very cool Seventies movie style police chase, our car full of idiots, whoops I meant heroes, weird that idiots and heroes kinda means the same thing, right? Anyways, our heroes are caught by the five-oh and Jesse is forced to hit the misbegotten lawmen with the Word of God, or Genesis, he takes much fun in making the poor men of law do unspeakable things to one another, like holding hands and causing some serious damage to a lawman’s gonads.

Jesse Custer seems to be enjoying his supernatural, and part divine, power having a bit of fun with what he can do and it’s a great super power, imagine being able to make people do whatever you tell them, what fun a person could have, you could be a terror to the assholes and shitbirds we all meet, and have to suffer, in life. I’d make those sorts of people shit their pants at every opportunity, just because it would be funny and very embarrassing for the asshole.

This first episode of a new season doesn’t let a fan, or random viewer, settle for a second first it’s all fun, fun, fun, and being cool and then BOOM! We get hit with ultra-fucking-violence, heads exploding, limbs being shot off, blood and guts, all the kinds of things I love about fiction, such things suck in real life but in the unreal they’re super cool.


Oh, and yep, the Saint of Killers is on the loose and he’s permanently pissed off, which must be depressing.

There is a fuck scene, it’s no hardcore full penetration job, this is TV after all, but I still didn’t like it, fake violence I LOVE fake fucking I don’t and here’s my reason why, fucking is, or should, be a very personal experience between the people who are doing the fucking, it shouldn’t be something other people watch as entertainment, violence as entertainment I’m down with, it’s fun, fucking should have stayed very personal making it a public spectacle just made lots of people really weird.

Less fake fucking more fake violence. Please.

This first in a new episode is gloriously over the top and ends with, for Steve, a tribute to the late, and great, Steve Dillon co-creator of Preacher.

Twin Peaks


My first blog post of 2017. I do enjoy blogging, but only because I enjoy writing and expressing an opinion, mostly unpopular but an opinion nonetheless. Recently, excited due to a new season of the show, I watched seasons one and two again, the first time since the 1990’s actually, season one is possibly the best season of a TV show ever and season two is a mess, a marvellous mess but still a mess.

I have enjoyed Twin Peaks so much I own the series twice, DVD and blu-ray, the blu-ray version bought because my DVD version didn’t contain Fire Walk With Me and it was impossible to find the movie in my home town.

I can only speak for myself when I say, ‘new Twin Peaks is so bonkers it’s ace!’

So far it’s more bonkers than season two, I confess I have no idea, yet, what’s occurring within the series, no idea of what’s actually going on, and that’s why I like it, it’s mad, perhaps it’s genius, I can’t say for sure I’m an idiot I probably wouldn’t recognise genius if it ran up and head butted me in the face.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, for several reasons, one is because I’m British living in Brit-Land and I find British TV shows, except Doctor Who, boring and uninteresting, reason two is because I find it difficult to find TV shows that have something to say that piques my interest. I like bonkers, the more bonkers the show the more interested I am. I SHOULD like the Marvel and DC TV shows, as I’ve been a fan of the comics for forty years, but they’re so boring and the DC shows seem aimed at teenage girls, romance and love triangles play as big a part of story content as does kicking some super-villain in the ass.

Superhero shows should be fucking mental, instead they’re just bland.

Fortunately Twin Peaks exists, and that warms my cold bitter dead little heart.

New Doctor Who?

I haven’t wrote a blog post in what seems like an age due to my Internet connection being absolutely dreadful, though it doesn’t bother me, I’m a 20th century boy, it would be nice, in this the modern age, to have a decent and reliable Internet connection but I don’t. Apparently, here in the U.K. the Internet ain’t great, it’s supposed to be shocking in the nations capital, London, the cellular network is also shockingly bad, fortunately I’m not a phone person.

Purpose of this piece of writing is of course Doctor Who, the British television series, I’ve read recently the present actor portraying The Doctor Peter Capaldi might be planning to end his tenure in the role.


If Peter Capaldi is planning to quit his role I’d like to see Wil Wheaton become the new Doctor, I think he’d be extremely honoured and prepared to portray The Doctor for three or four seasons maybe more.

Maybe it’s time for the BBC to plan on giving the job to someone from a non Caucasian male background, although I would like to see a completely sinister dark Doctor portrayed by someone terribly English, a Doctor who really is a danger to the kinds of monsters and villains he faces. Or perhaps an epic five season storyline that features the return, for good, of the Time Lords, a science fiction version of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings with The Doctor akin to the role of Gandalf the Grey, dying halfway through the story reincarnating as a new Doctor and then being all Gandalf the White for the remainder of the story.

I do like Doctor Who I want for it to continue for a long time to come.

Be Mo Farah


If there’s something you want to do, like really, really want to do then you’ve got be inspired by someone like Mo Farah, I’m not sure if everyone saw his 10k race during the Rio Olympics but the dude fell heavily to the floor rolled back onto his feet and won the frikkin’ race it was the best example I’ve ever seen of someone really wanting something badly enough to not give up. It was inspirational. Olympians can inspire us all, perhaps more than any other type of person. For the purpose of a blog post I’m going to list a few challenges I’ve decided to try and be Mo Farah at:

Be Happy Now

There’s no point being happy at some undetermined future time because the future’s so unpredictable we all might be dead before we can be happy. Though I’ll be happy if all our deaths are the result of a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, we’d be living in a freakin’ movie and wouldn’t that be great? Yes it really, really would.

I’m not present enough to be happy at times yet to come I never, or very rarely, make plans for the future I just exist from day to day present in the moment but not present enough to plan ahead. In my life everything happens by accident and nothing is pre-planned, fortunately those accidents turn out well rather than disastrous. Lucky me.

Being happy isn’t something that happens by accident however it’s something you’ve got to want, like Mo Farah winning his race, you’ve got to wake up and be happy it doesn’t matter what time of the day I wake sometimes it’s 04:00 and sometimes it’s 14:00 it depends on my shifts at my place of employ but I always make the effort to be happy, usually by messing about while looking in a mirror, for some reason my ugly visage makes me happy. From my waking moment I make sure every moment brings happiness, preparing and eating food, wasting a few hours writing or drawing, reading comic books, watching DVDs, deciding what to wear, making the five mile plus walk to work, working out with weights, being alone and enjoying complete silence.

I don’t believe that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose of our lives, I don’t actually believe in anything, but I figure because we’re here, we’re alive, we’re still breathing without illness, physical and mental, to plague us we should be happy without having purpose or the wasting of time pursuing happiness.

Most of the time I’m not even aware I’m happy, until I catch myself smiling or laughing or I punch the air with joy because I’ve just watched something ace or read something remarkable but once I catch myself I’m amused because I’m happy about nothing major, I’m happy about being alone, I’m happy without being a winner, without having spent a shed load of cash and then bragging about spending a shed load of cash, I’m happy about having nothing really to be happy about other than happiness itself. It’s a challenge being happy in a human world that seems so fucking unhappy but be inspired by Mo Farah and fight to be happy, WANT to be happy.

Write A Horror Novel

If you’ve never tried to write a work of fiction before you might be under the impression that writing a novel is easy, you just sit before a notepad, or keyboard, and write away the story just flowing from brain to fingers to paper, or computer screen, but that’s not how writing works it requires talent, hard work, self sacrifice and lots and lots of inspiration.

I’ve decided to write a horror novel because my favourite genre, be it movies, TV, books, is the horror genre back in the good ol’ Eighties I read voraciously horror novels I never really read any other genre I had love for science fiction but only visually, movies, TV shows, comic books and I had love of fantasy novels but they tended to be these massive sprawling tomes and I preferred my fantasy more heroic, Conan the Barbarian, than high, Tolkien-esque.

My favourite writers throughout the Eighties were Stephen King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz and of course HP Lovecraft, I don’t read horror novels anymore, other than Lovecraft, I’ve tried to embrace the horror novel genre but I’ve been bitterly disappointed by the novels people, via the Internet, have recommended so I’ve figured why not write a horror novel, write something I want to read, so I’m going to make attempt, fail, feel sad, eat twelve pizzas, cry, crawl into a little ball and die unless of course I’m inspired by Mo Farah and persevere.

Create A Webcomic

I have this idea for a webcomic, it’s probably not a great idea but it is indeed an idea, I want to draw a webcomic inspired by Jack Kirby and have most of it, if not all, completed for August 28th 2017, Kirby’s 100th birthday.

My idea is pretty basic, dude gets super powers, discovers the world is not what it seems, fights evil, it’s all been done before, and much better than I can manage, it’s impossible for me to conjure forth anything original, or even interesting, I can only create stuff I want to read.

The origin of the super dude character has already been mapped out thumbnails wise now I face the hard work translating the thumbnails to full pencils to inks to digital colour add a bunch of coherent words and BOOM webcomic.

Lose Weight, Eat Less

I decided at the beginning of August to lose weight my aim was to lose eight pounds by September 1st I weighed myself at about 06:30 on the morning of September 1st and I was 13 stone 7 pounds rather than losing eight pounds I’d lost fifteen I was most happy with myself and my new target is to hit less than 13 stone by the end of the year. It’s not going to be easy, it requires a lot of hard work, commitment, determination and fighting through days when I just want to eat pizza for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Eating less has been my method of losing weight, I’ve never really ate a big breakfast, preferring two eggs scrambled or berries,  Greek style yoghurt and peanut butter (Whole Earth, crunchy, no added sugar) I’ve stuck to my usual breakfasts alternating so as not to get too bored eating the same thing every morning. For dinner/lunch I’ve mostly ate vegetables with noodles and for tea/dinner two chicken breast, salmon, or a chicken thigh. In between meals I’ve ate one banana and one Satsuma (easy peel) I haven’t found myself feeling hungry, I’ve been quite happy with my diet but I have noticed on the few occasions I’ve ate a large meal a feeling of being bloated, it’s been most unpleasant, and I figure eating less has caused me to be unable to eat more.

I’m of the opinion that we, in nations like Britain, eat far too much, we seem addicted to eating. I live in the centre of my hometown, the desk I sit at to write these blog posts, my novel and create my webcomic is situated so I can see out of my living room window I see the people from my hometown wandering about throughout the day and night most of them are overweight, most of them heavier than me, some of them, a lot, are obese.

I have no problem with fat people, it’s their choice to be massively overweight but I have come to the conclusion that humans are supposed to be slightly, or even massively, under weight. During our caveman days I imagine men and women to have been under weight, I imagine food sources were scarce hunting hardly easy and with so much competition meat wasn’t always a stable part of the human diet. I imagine that early humans were more vegetarian than carnivores and I imagine that life was really harsh, required of people to be on the go from the moment the sun rose to the moment it set, I imagine cavemen, and women, were skinny things and no one was ever fat with this imagining in mind I’ve figured the healthiest choice is to be under weight and not overweight so I’m going to try and reach a weight below my ideal.

In addition, cave people didn’t eat bread, cakes, McDonalds or drink gallons of Coca Cola because such things just didn’t exist, they survived well enough for all of us to be here now on meat, fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables they were the strongest, healthiest, hardiest, fittest humans to ever exist, THE most successful humans in our long bloody history as well as being inspired by Olympians we would do well to be inspired by our caveman ancestors without them fighting to survive every day there’d be no me and no you.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is evil.

We consume way too much sugar, just about everything we eat, especially packaged food stuff, is drenched in sugar, I don’t know why this has become socially accepted perhaps because sugar is an addictive compound it makes us buy more food thus making someone somewhere extremely wealthy. More fool all of us for making other people extremely wealthy we’re supposed to be clever, a smart monkey, but we just seem fucking stupid.

Throughout August I mainly ate vegetables, fruits and chicken my intake of sugary crap was greatly reduced I didn’t notice a difference in my attitude, I wasn’t happier or unhappier, but I did end up losing 15 pounds in weight.

I must be inspired by my weight loss and continue to avoid eating chocolate and drinking fizzy drinks, it’s obvious they’re not going to be good for me, health wise, so why keep consuming them?

It’s the same theme with smokers and drinkers they know they’re doing themselves harm by smoking and drinking and yet they continue to drink and smoke, like I’ve already made mention we’re supposed to be smart but all the evidence points to the unarguable fact that we’re idiots.

Be A Friendlier, Nicer Person

I’m neither friendly or nice and I’m happy for others to be unfriendly and nasty towards me, doesn’t bother me one bit, I just don’t care, fuck people, but it wouldn’t hurt me, well maybe not, to be friendlier and nicer though it does seem like a lot of hard work.

Over a decade ago I tried to be friendlier and nicer I managed two and half days on the third day I felt so ill I threw up in my mouth and thought, ‘fuck this shit!’ stopped being friendly and nice and immediately felt much better.

This time however I’m going to work through the feeling of sick, work hard at being nice, endeavour to be friendly, I don’t know why I’ve decided to make this attempt it just seems impossible and I’m the kind of person who wants the impossible to be possible, like wishing for a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion or better yet an alien invasion during a zombie apocalypse. Hmm, why isn’t there a TV show featuring such an idea? Think The Walking Dead mashed with Falling Skies only well written with interesting characters. If only.

Intense Moments

Re-watching season one of Lost I stumbled, almost by accident, across one of the most intense moments I’ve ever seen in a television series and one of my favourite moments in the show. Jack, with Kate, searches for the abducted Claire and Charlie the searchers find Charlie hanging from a tree, he’s effectively dead, but Jack, with Kate sobbing, just won’t give up on Charlie and his resolve and super anger saves Charlie’s life.

It’s an AWESOME moment. In my opinion at least. 

Love And Lost

lost 3

Re-watching Lost is like catching up with old friends. I tend to have friends that are part of my life one moment and then the next they’re like dust in the wind perhaps we’re all the same connected to other people one moment and then disconnected the next. It’s life we move ever forward and the past becomes a nostalgic blur. The thing about catching up with old friends is they’re lost to you, it’s not the same, whatever kind of connection you had to them and them to you is gone. Lost, forever. They might have been your best friends, they might have been more than friends and meant the world to you, but that’s all gone now, lost, and now they’re just good memories of times past.

Re-watching a once loved TV series is better than reconnecting with old friends because a TV series remains the same but old friends can at times be almost unrecognisable. It’s the same with someone you once loved, love is weird anyways all that time effort emoting and heartache eventually wasted on somebody who never deserved, or asked for, your love anyway. I prefer unrequited love, just falling head over heels in love with someone out of your league, never telling them, just loving them from a distance it’s a pure kind of love because it only means something to you, it’s your love for them and unrequited love works because it doesn’t need reciprocation it isn’t about possession and doesn’t eventually lead to anger or hate it’s a nice kind of love the fantasy kind most people can only dream of and as long as no one knows how much you love the person you can never have that love taken advantage of or for granted.

It’s the kind of love that can last until the day you die. It’s movie love, it’s the kind of love that only exists in stories and because I like to believe we’re all a story I like the grand drama of unrequited love, it’s like being Leonard in The Big Bang Theory before Penny had love for him, or any story were the boy doesn’t get the girl because she’s cool and way out of his league and though he’s the main character in this story it doesn’t matter because he’s a geek and she’s shagging the cool bully jock dude, I enjoy all those loser stories because I can relate to them feel what the character is feeling and have a wish to hit the geeky dude in his chops for emoting so damn much.

In future posts I’ll be discussing my favourite moments from the TV series Lost and trying to make attempt to explain why they’re my favourite moments but for now I’m just going to randomly drone on about a few things I have tumbling around my noggin.

I like the past, I like observing it through rose tinted glasses, The Now quickly becomes the past, I confess I’m not paying attention, never here in the moment, and The Future well that’s either predetermined or an unknowable mystery full of serious complexity and befuddling confusion. The past is like an old friend and The Future is like a dimly lit path I can see where it’s going but I don’t know where it leads or what dangers lurk within the cold cruel dark.

A weird thing about old friends is some of them are dead and how weird is that? You thought you were all going to be young and live forever and then one of your friends dies, or you find out an old friend is dead, and you’ll never see them again. That’s harsh, just harsh, makes me wonder why people are the way they are we know we’re not going to be here for very long so why don’t we make the best of good and bad situations?

Death is also weird but is something that really exists unlike love which is something we’ve made up but convinced ourselves is real with purpose and meaning but unlike love death isn’t something we like to talk or think about it’s a forbidden subject like masturbation, pooing and dreaming about murder or suicide. I suppose some things HAVE to be taboo, deeply personal but, and why not, I’m going to break that taboo and have a brief talk about having dreams of murder and suicide.

Every night I dream about being murdered and about murdering others, usually I’m off having an adventure and I possess awesome Kung-Fu fighting skills, I’m like Asian Hawk, but I end up killed by Nazi’s. In my waking hours making my way to work or home from work and just generally wandering about randomly I often believe Chav nob heads are going to beat me to death or hit me hard with a car my poor flabby body broken and burst. Daydreams of murder usually involve me looking out a window inside my flat making a hand into a gun and pretend shooting people as they go shopping or hurrying off to some unknown, by myself, destination, because no one ever looks up no one ever sees me pretend shooting them to death usually in the back of their heads with imaginary bullets from an imaginary gun, that’s my favourite kind of murder, of violence, imaginary. I don’t know anyone I want to kill, or see dead, I’m more a horrible imaginary mass murderer rather than someone with premeditation in mind. I sometimes imagine I’m losing my shit when I’m having a shit, I do enjoy a good poo.

Thoughts of suicide don’t happen often, but they have in the past, when I found myself working in factories I often thought about building some kind of device that could behead me in a public arena because I figure if I’m going to kill myself I might as well do so in public, or by taking members of the general public with me.

I figure if I was lost on a mysterious island, or DC’s Dinosaur Island, with a group of strangers, or even people I know, I’d probably end up killed by them, possibly eaten, my sweet meat juicy and tasty after all I don’t eat at McDonalds or any fast food palaces, I don’t drink or smoke and I’m always healthy I probably taste delicious, so delicious I’d eat myself. If I could.

Well, and hmm, enough of this if I don’t end this rambling post now then I never will.

lost 4

Battlestar Galactica


Returning to a television series that used to excite me during its original run has been a joyous experience back in the day, neither good or bad just days, I’d rush home from work ready to watch the latest downloaded episode. I was already a fan of the idea, having fond memories of the original series but the re-imagined series is just so much better.

And it’s darker. Meaner. Nastier.

One theme that leaps out re-watching the series are the deaths, the many, many deaths moments that feel like a fan is having their heart ripped out from their chest. From Billy’s pointless murder to Dualla’s suicide BSG didn’t avoid sacrificing its characters okay most of the characters weren’t the main characters but they still meant something to fans of the series.

Poor doomed Lieutenant Gaeta and the betrayer ‘Racetrack’ who in death saved the human race. I’m not sure if another series has been able to kill off secondary characters and make it mean something like BSG did. Sure there’s The Walking Dead but I’ll be honest it’s such a poorly written series they could kill every character in the show and I wouldn’t give a damn.

The saddest death in the series is that of Galactica, throughout the series Galactica has been part of us, part of us fans, and whether we realised it or not we loved that old girl but when it dies it’s the end of a TV show we the fans love.

And what about that finale, the impossible battle, the discovery of our Earth back in our primitive caveman past, and if humans and Cylons rebirthed Earth does that make us part Cylon?

Yes I’m aware it’s only a TV series but bear with me for a moment if Cylons and humans populated Earth making us part Cylon and at some point we’re, well not me and probably not you, going to create machine intelligence and we’re going to create war robots then everything that happens after that has already happened before and it’ll happen again and again and again.

Heh, maybe.


With Battlestar Galactica greedily consumed I’ll be moving on, I’ve said my goodbyes and it’s been tearful but it’s time to go and soon I’ll be saying hello, and inevitably goodbye, to another TV series that I excitedly used to rush home from work to enjoy and that show is Lost.

Who Needs The Internet?

 Who needs the Internet and other technological marvels?

I don’t need the Internet, personal phones, tablets, music devices, computers, televisions, game systems and on and on.

No really I don’t. I have a PS4 I very rarely use it, every now and again I’ll watch a movie or binge watch a TV boxset but for days I might only touch it to dust it I don’t play games on it and I don’t really know why I bought one I should have bought a Blu-Ray player instead. My TV licence is due at the end of the month, I pay it in one payment rather than spreading it out over a year but I don’t watch TV, I’ve not watched any TV since the Euro football tournament ended I download TV shows from ETTV, all American, and then I watch them on my MacBook but to be honest there’s nothing worth downloading at the moment I’m waiting for Ash versus The Evil Dead to return in October then I’ll download something once again but really I could get away with not watching the series and it wouldn’t affect me negatively. I could sell my TV and MacBook, I wouldn’t get a lot of cash for them as both are over five years old so there seems no point and I doubt I’ll replace either if they break. Okay I might buy a new television because I do occasionally like to watch movies and I do have a large DVD collection it would be a shame to let it go to waste but I could get rid without cause for concern.

Now abandoning the Internet is really easy, I have managed without the Internet most of my life and in the past six years I’ve gone without for weeks on end, at the moment my Internet connection is awful, I use free wi-fi when I’m at home, my flat doesn’t allow for Internet connection it would cost some sum to have someone come fit some kind of Internet power point and I just don’t see the point I use the Internet randomly, usually to eat up a little time, I don’t actually NEED the Internet, I don’t buy stuff from Internet websites, I’m not a popular social butterfly with a thousand friends on Facebook, in fact I have seven Facebook friends and I only have a profile so my mother can get in touch with me because I don’t use phones, what kind of person does have a thousand friends on Facebook? Who knows a thousand people? I know, not very well, about a dozen, including family, and I sometimes find that’s a dozen too many so who knows a thousand? The people with a thousand Facebook friends must either be batshit crazy or desperate.

I’ve never liked phones, I never liked landlines and very rarely used them, I’ve never liked mobile devices, I don’t like the idea of being connected and having someone able to get in touch whenever it randomly suits them, waking you up during blissful sleep because they’ve got fuck all to say. Text messages are so pointless, I’ve never received a text message that had anything interesting to say, and people that send text messages need to go back to school and learn how to spell. Living in today’s modern age is akin to living in a world full of morons no one seems to have a good grasp of English, spelling and grammar abandoned in favour of nonsense words that make as much sense to me as this, anjksdnirjg34rt, does to you. I wonder if the French, German, Italian and so on have the same problem people taking the native tongue and turning into some unrecognisable bastard variation that can only be understood by the same brain fucked individuals, m8 s lik gr8, what the fuck is that? It’s not English.

The only piece of tech I do enjoy owning is my iPod, because I walk a lot it’s nice to be able to drown out the constant drone from boring Chavs by listening instead to inspiring music and lyrics from people who demonstrate an aptitude for creating. But if I didn’t have an iPod everything would be fine, I’d hum, inside my head, to distract my brain from the idiot humans that race about in a trance deluded into thinking their every want is more important than that of another idiot human.

Humans claim they’re clever, humans claim that we’re intelligent and sure there’s some evidence to suggest we are we can build crap but we build by destroying so does it make us intelligent? I look out my window and the world that surrounds me, imposes itself upon me, is brick and concrete nature having been destroyed to make way for these artificial monstrosities that people can claim hold some kind of beauty and value, human civilisation might not actually be an example of stupidity but it’s surely a sign of insanity.

It might seem contradictory condemning technology and making claim I do not need the Internet when I wrote this using a computer and you’re reading it via the Internet, and it is a contradiction but I wrote this post before 08:30 this morning (Friday 19th August 2016) I couldn’t post it until late in the afternoon due to my Internet connection being almost pointless, going without the Internet for most of the day didn’t bother me at all my day began at 05:00 with two hours worth of exercise, progressed to the creation of this blog post, advanced further forward from 09:00 to 12:00 with hours of illustration (and the writing of a novel) that stopped for a short while as I ate chicken and at 13:00 illustration resumed…


…until 17:00 when I relaxed with many an episode of Battlestar Galactica…


…and the posting of this bitch, whine and moan.

It was a productive day spent mostly without technology.

Things I Love: August

Comic Books
My comic book reads. I’ve recently finished reading Joe Kubert’s Tarzan, fantastic enjoyable adventure romps. Jack Kirby’s Machine Man, another great piece of action stories from The King of comics. Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, another gem from the creative genius Jack Kirby. OMAC Jack Kirby’s creation a series so far out and imaginative it’s like reading something sent back through time from the future. Devil Dinosaur, again by Jack Kirby and another fun and action filled comic book gem. I’ve been on a happy Jack Kirby comic book romp which will continue until I’ve re-read every Jack Kirby comic book I own.

Battlestar Galactica

The re-imagined series. I’m dusting off all my TV box sets and wasting spare hours in an evening (but not every evening due to work commitments) embroiled in the best science fiction television series of all time one, of many, reasons it’s the best, in my humble opinion, is because unlike the various Star Treks and Babylon 5 it doesn’t rely on endless references to Earth’s history. By the end of August I should have managed my way through season one and be preparing to watch season two.

Being Creative

I was creating an apocalypse scenario webcomic and a superhero webcomic but having found out that August 2017 will be Jack Kirby’s one hundredth birthday I’ve decided to create a webcomic honouring the greatest comic book creator the world has ever seen. My new series will be illustrated in a Kirby style, hopefully without looking too badly rendered and features a British superhero team of misfits and losers dragged into adventures they could only have dreamed about. It starts with an alien invasion and ends with victory. Maybe. It’s been fun to design and the illustrations have already begun my plan is to release it at the end of August next year timed to perfection, hopefully, to coincide with Jack Kirby’s birth date.


I’ve recently upped my exercise regime engaging in more cardio and a new weight training routine it’s a steady moderate form of exercise that seems, if I’m not delusion, to be working rather well.

Life In General

At the moment of writing this post I can happily claim I have zero to worry about and no problems to trouble me it’s just nice every day waking up being happy and healthy with the promise of a hassle free day ahead. It might be the bright shiny sunlight bathing my physique in feel good rays that’s to blame for my ridiculously happy mood and come Autumn/Winter doom and gloom will envelop me in a dark cloud of misery and depression. Time will tell.

Top Five TV Shows

1 Supernatural

2 The Big Bang Theory

3 Doctor Who

4 Lost

5 Battlestar Galactica (Re-Imagined)

My Top Five’s aren’t necessarily in any kind of order I just type down the first thing that pops into my head and then I progress from there, well that’s my method of writing all my posts I never have a plan in mind I just start with a title, and maybe a theme, and type from there, that’s perhaps why the posts go nowhere, have nothing interesting to say and then end abruptly.

Supernatural: Is my favourite TV series of all time. I look forward to each new season and I always buy the season collections when they’re available on DVD.


There are lots of reasons I enjoy Supernatural, and I watch the complete seasons on a regular basis, twice a year, but the main reason I have love for Supernatural is because it’s exactly like reading DC and Marvel comics for thirty years plus. Supernatural is the most comic book TV series I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure if that’s ever been the intention of the people who write and create each episode and season but it’s how it seems to me a lifelong (almost) comic book fan.

Anyone wishing to make a Marvel or DC TV series should watch every season of Supernatural and take inspiration from. Both main characters have died, more than once, and have been resurrected in time to save the world from whatever badass monster threatens it.

It would, or at least should, be quite easy to substitute the Winchester brothers for a group of superheroes, I imagine, in my mind’s eye, a superhero TV series in which most of the characters are female and these mostly female super people face evil super bad guys most of whom are male. It could be episodic, just like Supernatural, but with season long story arcs. It’s an idea I just had.

Supernatural offers me everything, almost, that I love it’s a superhero story, there’s real human stories regularly unleashed, it touches upon all kinds of paranormal and horror subjects, which are my two favourite subjects, well other than superhero fiction. The show also featured the Judaic/Christian God and presented him so well that I’d want to believe in Him.

I’m not making claim that it’s the best show on TV, there’s no such thing, but it is my favourite.

The Big Bang Theory: Another long running TV series that I’m happy to see run and run for many seasons more, but unfortunately I’ve read, somewhere, that it’s coming to an end.

I enjoy the show because the main characters are the type of person that I am, and the type of people I like to have as friends, all my friends are geeks/nerds and I wouldn’t want non-geeks/nerds as friends, I’ve tried it in the past and it just didn’t gel for me.

I managed to get my parents, and sister, who aren’t the least bit geeky or nerdy to watch the show and they loved it also and believe that Dr Sheldon Cooper, his opinions, way of life, are based upon my own, naturally they are not many of us geeks/nerds are probably alike Sheldon and exhibit anti-social tendencies and have a non-mainstream outlook on life.

The story arcs of all the geek/nerd characters kinda rings true except for that of Leonard Hofstadter, I’m sorry but a chick like Penny isn’t falling for a nerd like Leonard, the real world doesn’t work like that but I can suspend my disbelief for a piece of fantasy.

Doctor Who: I’ve been watching the adventures of The Doctor since Jon Pertwee became the third such Doctor, and I’ve not yet missed an episode. Doctor Who proves that with a good idea and enough imagination a TV series can run and run forever. There’s always the controversy that when choosing a new Doctor he should be black, or female, and why the hell not? I’d be okay with either. How about a Chinese (THE superpower) Doctor, he could be a she, know kung-fu (not to be racially stereotyping but some forms of kung-fu could be used in pacifist means rather than with powerful aggression and therefore the Doctor could really kick ass), the Cartmel Masterplan SHOULD be adhered to and the BBC would be breaking new ground, in addition, how about this for an idea run the show at 19:00 on a Saturday evening instead of dicking about with the schedule.

Doctor Who is the only British TV show, currently still living and breathing, that I can happily waste time watching. Everything else British made this century has been in my opinion not worthy of my time, if I wanted bullshit drama I’d go outside and suffer people. Bullshit dramas, and reality TV, is all British television companies offer viewers and I’m sure most TV viewers are happy to waste their time with such shows but it’s me that’s writing this blog and so British TV is crap, no arguing, no offering of another opinion, instead it’s a fact and moving on.

LOST: The most emotional TV series I’ve ever had the good fortune to watch. I have no criticisms whatsoever about Lost, in my opinion the show worked perfectly and the ending blew my socks off, not literally of course.

One of these days/weeks/months I’m going to re-watch Lost from beginning until the very bittersweet end, I’ve got to get The X-Files out of the way first.

Battlestar Galactica: Re-imagined was of course the best American science fiction TV series of all time though I had reservations at first, re-make the original series, Starbuck’s a chick, whatthefuck!

But it worked better than I could have possibly imagined and the ending, another ending, blew my socks off, again not literally.