Red Dead Redemption; Undead Nightmare


This post came about when I was making my omelette I was considering a TV show based upon Red Dead Redemption and another based upon Undead Nightmare, it was an idea I mentioned in a blog post concerning episode two of the new TV series Preacher.

In my mind the idea unfolded a little like this:

A good producer of quality television shows decides that Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare will be made simultaneously using the same locations and in some cases the same actors. Red Dead Redemption airs first it follows the adventures of John Marston upon his arrival in Blackwater we’re introduced to a throwaway character who due to an unwise course of action ends up dead. In Undead Nightmare that same character makes a different decision and becomes the main character within the series how the two shows work is like this Red Dead is the senior show the background throwaway have no dialogue characters are prominent characters in Undead Nightmare. Undead Nightmare is set in a parallel reality, an alternate, it’s one of those science fiction ideas that at important junctions in life a different choice leads to a different life and thus exist an infinite amount of realities each offering a variation on our own.

Red Dead would offer zero supernatural elements being based around a badass former outlaw gunslinger turned bounty hunter and Undead would involve a lot of supernatural elements the zombie outbreak being supernatural rather than being explained rationally. Unlike The Walking Dead humans would not be the main threat to the main characters and other human characters the series would offer a more positive outlook on the human condition rather than revelling in presenting humanity as a piece of shit quick to take advantage of an apocalypse. I’ve always figured that humans went through apocalyptic type conditions throughout most of its time here on planet Earth and rather than turning on each other, dog eat dog, humans forged alliances and somehow dragged themselves into the 21st century. If people had behaved like they do in apocalypse fiction then we’d not be here now to enjoy such fiction.

That was a few minutes thinking about a Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare television series, it was an enjoyable way to waste a few minutes as I waited for my omelette to cook.