Who Needs The Internet?

 Who needs the Internet and other technological marvels?

I don’t need the Internet, personal phones, tablets, music devices, computers, televisions, game systems and on and on.

No really I don’t. I have a PS4 I very rarely use it, every now and again I’ll watch a movie or binge watch a TV boxset but for days I might only touch it to dust it I don’t play games on it and I don’t really know why I bought one I should have bought a Blu-Ray player instead. My TV licence is due at the end of the month, I pay it in one payment rather than spreading it out over a year but I don’t watch TV, I’ve not watched any TV since the Euro football tournament ended I download TV shows from ETTV, all American, and then I watch them on my MacBook but to be honest there’s nothing worth downloading at the moment I’m waiting for Ash versus The Evil Dead to return in October then I’ll download something once again but really I could get away with not watching the series and it wouldn’t affect me negatively. I could sell my TV and MacBook, I wouldn’t get a lot of cash for them as both are over five years old so there seems no point and I doubt I’ll replace either if they break. Okay I might buy a new television because I do occasionally like to watch movies and I do have a large DVD collection it would be a shame to let it go to waste but I could get rid without cause for concern.

Now abandoning the Internet is really easy, I have managed without the Internet most of my life and in the past six years I’ve gone without for weeks on end, at the moment my Internet connection is awful, I use free wi-fi when I’m at home, my flat doesn’t allow for Internet connection it would cost some sum to have someone come fit some kind of Internet power point and I just don’t see the point I use the Internet randomly, usually to eat up a little time, I don’t actually NEED the Internet, I don’t buy stuff from Internet websites, I’m not a popular social butterfly with a thousand friends on Facebook, in fact I have seven Facebook friends and I only have a profile so my mother can get in touch with me because I don’t use phones, what kind of person does have a thousand friends on Facebook? Who knows a thousand people? I know, not very well, about a dozen, including family, and I sometimes find that’s a dozen too many so who knows a thousand? The people with a thousand Facebook friends must either be batshit crazy or desperate.

I’ve never liked phones, I never liked landlines and very rarely used them, I’ve never liked mobile devices, I don’t like the idea of being connected and having someone able to get in touch whenever it randomly suits them, waking you up during blissful sleep because they’ve got fuck all to say. Text messages are so pointless, I’ve never received a text message that had anything interesting to say, and people that send text messages need to go back to school and learn how to spell. Living in today’s modern age is akin to living in a world full of morons no one seems to have a good grasp of English, spelling and grammar abandoned in favour of nonsense words that make as much sense to me as this, anjksdnirjg34rt, does to you. I wonder if the French, German, Italian and so on have the same problem people taking the native tongue and turning into some unrecognisable bastard variation that can only be understood by the same brain fucked individuals, m8 s lik gr8, what the fuck is that? It’s not English.

The only piece of tech I do enjoy owning is my iPod, because I walk a lot it’s nice to be able to drown out the constant drone from boring Chavs by listening instead to inspiring music and lyrics from people who demonstrate an aptitude for creating. But if I didn’t have an iPod everything would be fine, I’d hum, inside my head, to distract my brain from the idiot humans that race about in a trance deluded into thinking their every want is more important than that of another idiot human.

Humans claim they’re clever, humans claim that we’re intelligent and sure there’s some evidence to suggest we are we can build crap but we build by destroying so does it make us intelligent? I look out my window and the world that surrounds me, imposes itself upon me, is brick and concrete nature having been destroyed to make way for these artificial monstrosities that people can claim hold some kind of beauty and value, human civilisation might not actually be an example of stupidity but it’s surely a sign of insanity.

It might seem contradictory condemning technology and making claim I do not need the Internet when I wrote this using a computer and you’re reading it via the Internet, and it is a contradiction but I wrote this post before 08:30 this morning (Friday 19th August 2016) I couldn’t post it until late in the afternoon due to my Internet connection being almost pointless, going without the Internet for most of the day didn’t bother me at all my day began at 05:00 with two hours worth of exercise, progressed to the creation of this blog post, advanced further forward from 09:00 to 12:00 with hours of illustration (and the writing of a novel) that stopped for a short while as I ate chicken and at 13:00 illustration resumed…


…until 17:00 when I relaxed with many an episode of Battlestar Galactica…


…and the posting of this bitch, whine and moan.

It was a productive day spent mostly without technology.


Things I Love: August

Comic Books
My comic book reads. I’ve recently finished reading Joe Kubert’s Tarzan, fantastic enjoyable adventure romps. Jack Kirby’s Machine Man, another great piece of action stories from The King of comics. Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, another gem from the creative genius Jack Kirby. OMAC Jack Kirby’s creation a series so far out and imaginative it’s like reading something sent back through time from the future. Devil Dinosaur, again by Jack Kirby and another fun and action filled comic book gem. I’ve been on a happy Jack Kirby comic book romp which will continue until I’ve re-read every Jack Kirby comic book I own.

Battlestar Galactica

The re-imagined series. I’m dusting off all my TV box sets and wasting spare hours in an evening (but not every evening due to work commitments) embroiled in the best science fiction television series of all time one, of many, reasons it’s the best, in my humble opinion, is because unlike the various Star Treks and Babylon 5 it doesn’t rely on endless references to Earth’s history. By the end of August I should have managed my way through season one and be preparing to watch season two.

Being Creative

I was creating an apocalypse scenario webcomic and a superhero webcomic but having found out that August 2017 will be Jack Kirby’s one hundredth birthday I’ve decided to create a webcomic honouring the greatest comic book creator the world has ever seen. My new series will be illustrated in a Kirby style, hopefully without looking too badly rendered and features a British superhero team of misfits and losers dragged into adventures they could only have dreamed about. It starts with an alien invasion and ends with victory. Maybe. It’s been fun to design and the illustrations have already begun my plan is to release it at the end of August next year timed to perfection, hopefully, to coincide with Jack Kirby’s birth date.


I’ve recently upped my exercise regime engaging in more cardio and a new weight training routine it’s a steady moderate form of exercise that seems, if I’m not delusion, to be working rather well.

Life In General

At the moment of writing this post I can happily claim I have zero to worry about and no problems to trouble me it’s just nice every day waking up being happy and healthy with the promise of a hassle free day ahead. It might be the bright shiny sunlight bathing my physique in feel good rays that’s to blame for my ridiculously happy mood and come Autumn/Winter doom and gloom will envelop me in a dark cloud of misery and depression. Time will tell.

Kung-Fu SuperNerd 5

The thumbnails for my Kung-Fu SuperNerd story continue at pace, it’s working night shifts and having nine and a half hours to waste sitting about doing whatever the hell I want. If I were a permanent member of the night staff team I’d live most of my days off at night. It’s a dream I have. I try and figure out, using these thumbnails, how I want each page to be constructed, the final article might not be perfectly accurate, it’s merely a guideline more than anything else and because Kung-Fu SuperNerd is created without words these thumbnails are invaluable as to how the story is told, and how it unfolds.

In the two pages above there’s a little kung-fu action.

Page One: Panel 1 Kung-Fu SuperNerd, Jeremiah Bone, makes an attempt to avoid further violence by loudly announcing to the crazed bloody bigoted Anglo-Saxons that he possesses formidable kung-fu skills. Jeremiah’s character arc is that of a pacifist forced to fight to protect himself. Further arcs will show how his misanthropic principles are tested by living in a post-apocalypse environment, after all it’s easy to be a misanthrope by choice, happily spending days alone, but what happens if days alone are forced upon a misanthrope? Would a misanthrope be happy living in a land devoid of regular people? A land conquered by the violently insane, would that misanthrope wish to be part of a community? Surrounded by people. It’s a theme to be addressed not in this first season of the story but perhaps in future seasons if I create them.

Panels 1 and 2 reluctantly using some nifty kung-fu moves Jeremiah takes down two crazed bigoted Anglo-Saxons, it’s quick paced action a kung-fu kick to a blood drenched maniacs chops, and Wing Chun style punching action to temporarily take down another maniac.

Panel 4 allows for Jeremiah’s escape from the slaughterhouse the bus has become while in the background the maniac Wing Chun punched rages in hate and frustration. The crazed bigoted Anglo-Saxons are a representation of England’s many angry white people, those who express feelings of hatred towards non-English people and constantly moan about foreigners ruining England. I’m of the opinion that if England has problems, if England is indeed ruined, it’s ruined by the native majority not by the foreign minority. It’s just one of my many unpopular opinions.

Page two is an action movie from panel one of our hero screaming at innocents to run for their lives to panels two to five of our hero taking down the bad guy it’s an action movie captured in one moment of madness.


Kung-Fu SuperNerd 4


The above image features my thumbnails for page seven of my one day realised webcomic it’s a page in which action begins to kick in after six pages of every day life. The main character Jeremiah Bone possesses super kung-fu skills but he’s never used them in a life or death situation before so throughout these early encounters he’s terrified and reluctant to actually hurt anyone even though they’re trying to hurt him. I had wanted my Kung-Fu SuperNerd character to promote pacifist kung-fu, the art of fighting without actually fighting, but it’s the end of the world type scenario the main character must be violent, even though it goes against everything he believes in.

Which is what I believe I’m a total pacifist I hate violence and aggression, unless of course it’s fictional violence in movies and comic books then it’s merely entertaining, most of the time.

In the first panel Jeremiah uses his attackers forward motion against her, she’s like a rabid dog spouting aggressive words, swearing, being homophobic, even though the main character isn’t a homosexual he finds himself thought of being so and often called so. Throughout this fight scene Jeremiah is trying to calm the woman down, he doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s seen enough movies to figure out something just ain’t right.

In panel two Jeremiah warns the crazed lady that he knows kung-fu but this warning isn’t heeded the crazed lady attacks again in panel three and in panel four she receives a brutal uppercut.


In page eight panel one, featured above, Jeremiah figures that for his own safety he’s got to put the crazed lady down and he does so by stamping, HARD, on her head several times. I ensured this level of violence at this point was hidden behind the chair of the bus. Though the series is going to be bloody and violent I don’t want to revel in that blood and violence. Well not all the time.

In panel two a scared looking bloke believes Jeremiah is a crazy person and approaches him with this in mind but Jeremiah assures him he’s okay that he was just defending himself from attack.

Panel three and Jeremiah, off panel, suddenly becomes aware that the other Anglo-Saxon passengers onboard the bus have been attacking and eating the other passengers.

Jeremiah, in panel four, tells three survivors to use the fire exit while he, Jeremiah Bone, tries to hold the crazed, and now very bloody, Anglo-Saxons off.


Kung-Fu SuperNerd 3


Above is page five of my thumbnails for my maybe realised one day webcomic it’s a page that features an occasional Saturday of socialising and revelling in my own life.

Panel one features Jeremiah Brand, I might change his last name to Bone, sitting with his two pals in The Crafty Crow, a real ale public house in Nottingham. It has been said that a person of my age range, mid-forties, should be able to count their friends on one hand and this is certainly true of me and thus it’s true of poor old Jeremiah who is in some ways based upon me. The differences with Jeremiah is that he possesses kung-fu super powers but rather than being a superhero or force for good in his world he just lives a geeky/nerdy life his world being very much like our world and if I possessed kung-fu super powers I wouldn’t dress up in my pyjamas and fight crime or try to do any good in this world I’d just be an hard as nails, kick you in the head, comic book geek/nerd.

Conversation in this first panel involves discussion of a few recent movies Deadpool and Batman versus Superman. Personally speaking I found Deadpool to be meh, but then I’ve never liked the character. Batman versus Superman exceeded my expectations and was just a crazy movie full of over the top superhero nonsense. I really liked it.

In panel two the geeks/nerds have relocated to a BBQ restaurant, The Reds, it’s the place my friends and I eat when we’re enjoying a day out in Nottingham. The food is great, I’ve never had cause for complaint and that’s why we use The Reds on every social gathering, we have over the years used several other eating establishments but these days we favour The Reds. Though we might try out Rubs Smokehouse on our next gathering as the place does some really odd combinations of food. For example:

The Donut & Waffle Burger Love Child

Southern Fried Chicken, a dirty brisket & jacobs ladder cheeseburger, sixteen hour slow cooked hickory pork, served on a waffle topped with a Krispy Kreme iced donut, add a gherkin (purchase not necessary) and a candy floss garnish. Served with some plain fries. (as you wouldn’t want to over do it now would you ?)


Panel three sees the three geeks/nerds relocate to The Castle, a public house located opposite Nottingham castle an area popular with tourists who have come to soak up the myth of Robin Hood.

In the final panel the geeks/nerds have decided to have a few beers inside the Hog’s Head, though I suspect the name of this particular public house as changed but I know it has the Hog’s Head and I can’t be bothered to discover it’s true name. They’ve decided to have a drink in this public house, an establishment they rarely drink in these days, because Jeremiah wants to watch the football, Euro 2016 action.


In the page above, page six, the end of the episode if this was a TV series Jeremiah’s left his friends to go get the bus back home. It’s still early about 19:00 because Jeremiah is based upon myself he like me doesn’t linger in public houses until late in the evening/night it’s not worth it for two reasons 1 like me Jeremiah can’t drink a lot of alcohol four pints is more than enough and 2 he doesn’t want to get a later bus back to his hometown because later busses are usually more busy and full of drunken cunts. Making his way to the bus station in panel one Jeremiah has a typical Little Englander scream insults at him, it’s an odd moment and Jeremiah believes the Little Englander might have mental health issues but it’s actually the beginning of an apocalyptic type event.

Panel two follows on from this theme police officers restraining yet another bald headed screaming foul mouthed Little Englander. Jeremiah’s bemused by all this and suspicious the world is getting suddenly stranger.

Panel three Jeremiah crashes out on the back seat of the bus to Mansfield, he feels drained, exhausted, a little bit drunk, though only having consumed four pints, and eager to get home so he can relax and enjoy an early night in bed.

Unfortunately in panel four Jeremiah’s plans are ruined by the apocalypse. A mad insane raging woman leaps at Jeremiah intent on scratching his eyes out, a normal night out for some here in England.

Thus would end, on a cliffhanger, the first episode of a TV show but this being a webcomic, well thumbnails for a potential webcomic, I’ve ended the first part with potential for violence and horror. Endings are important and in this kind of tale I would like, if it was a television series, for every episode to end on a cliffhanger hoping that people would be intrigued enough to watch the next episode, or in the case of a webcomic read the next instalment.

Philosophy, superheroes and Star Trek

My night is perfectly planned I find myself immersed in worlds I find interesting and extremely enjoyable. 

The history of philosophy is an excellently written series of books beginning with the Greek pre-Socratics it covers the Miletus philosophers, Thales for example, and continues through Anaximander and Parmenides. Not all the so called pre-Socratics came before Socrates some were of the same time period as the great philosopher, although we know very little of Socrates and what we do know is via the works of Plato.

Classical Philosophy mostly concerns itself with the works of Plato and Aristotle, Plato was of course the student of Socrates and tutor of Aristotle.

For my superhero needs I’ve chosen the recently released Doom Patrol volume two written by Grant Morrison, the Doom Patrol are on the verge of being revamped by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame and are the super group you call if your life is under threat from the most weird of bad guys volume two concerns itself with the sinister, and mostly inept, Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and witnesses the first appearance of Danny the Street a sentient street and of Flex Mentallo who appeared in his own mini-series which is one of my favourite works of literature and not just one of my favourite comic books.

Star Trek the original series is the best version of the science fiction myth featuring the best cast and crew of the Enterprise. In fact the original series, and cast, are so good all other versions have been terribly disappointing especially the reboot of the original series which is Star Trek in name but not in execution.

While most of my night shift was intricately planned the odd few hours devoid of other people’s great fictional imaginings was filled with my own fictional creations as I continued to create my Kung-Fu SuperNerd tale that may, or may not, see life as a webcomic.

Kung-Fu SuperNerd 2


The above image contains the thumbnails of page three of my post apocalypse tale a tale that features as monsters not zombies but English bigots and racists suddenly turned cannibalistic by some insidious virus or parasite. The story features a lot of relevant social commentary, a perspective on being English and living in Britain as seen through my own eyes.

In the first panel above evidence of the virus starts to become apparent the fat fella in the England vest is similar in appearance to many fella’s in my hometown who are fat and wear clothing adorned with the word England and the flag. He’s spouting angry nonsense words, seemingly directed at the main character, viciously insinuating the character is homosexual when in fact the character is a non-practicing heterosexual.

Panels 2 and 3 make mention of the fact the main character can’t get laid for love or money and it has been years and years since he last enjoyed a sexual encounter. Here he comments on young females having potty mouths as every other word they speak is a swear.

Panel 4 features the character amused at his own thoughts.

And the final panel features the main characters thoughts about the lost British art of queuing, something that riles me on every occasion I have to join a queue. It’s not rocket science there’s an entrance or exit people form an orderly line one person behind another with no one making like a tree or trying to push in front because they’re elderly, have young children or just plain ignorant.


Page four, above, features the main character climbing aboard the bus from Mansfield to the nearby city of Nottingham. In panel one the character continues his rant about queuing etiquette, it’s one of those bee’s in his bonnet he just can’t shake loose.

Panel 2 finds the main character relaxing on the back seats of the bus berating himself for not bringing a messenger bag containing comic books so he could entertain himself during the forty five minute plus journey to Nottingham.

Panel 3, a scene jump, time flicks by without effort on the pages of a comic book. The main character Jeremiah is sat inside a public house, the Ned Ludd, it’s the place I currently meet my friends when I’m taking advantage of a social gathering.

Panel 4 introduces Jeremiah’s friends they’re all enjoying a pint of beer and due to the awful decision by most Britons to Brexit from the EU the trio are bitching about their shit for brains countrymen and women.

Nothing of note is happening in these early pages, I see, in my mind’s eye or whatever, this story to be a TV series this the first episode establishes the main character, points out the positive and negative aspects of his personality, allows an interested reader (or viewer) to relate to his thoughts, opinions and way of life and sets up the idea that this fictional world is very much like our real world and so when everything turns to shit we can relate to the main character losing everything’s he’s known all his life.

Obviously I’m no writer, or artist, and my story is in no way original, influenced as it is by 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead (original) and Cannibal Apocalypse but by making the source of the apocalypse racists and bigots it’s something a little different to making them zombies. The monsters could be zombies, the story would play out much the same, though I say story I’ve not actually written anything down it exists in my head and I map it out with these little comic book thumbnails, the monsters could be vampires, though the dynamic of the tale would change vampires are at their most dangerous and potent during night time hours it would suddenly become I Am Legend, the monsters could be werewolves, I don’t think there has been a werewolf apocalypse yet, the monsters could be Lovecraftian and kind of are I suppose there’s a Lovecraftian, weird fiction, notion to English bigots and racists turning cannibal and killing everyone. If the story progresses, long term, eventually the virus, or parasite, or supernatural plague, will affect other racists and bigots and not confine itself to us poor misbegotten Anglo-Saxons.

Kung-Fu SuperNerd 1


During night shifts at work I’ve been plotting a future webcomic above and below are the thumbnails for page one and two the idea crept into my mind when I was considering if the reality we perceive is an actuality. Then in synchronicity I read this: http://dailygrail.com/Guest-Articles/2016/6/The-5th-Young-One-Pay-No-Attention-the-Girl-Behind-the-Sofa and inspired I began, inside my head, to create the story I imagined the story to take place the first Saturday after Britain decided to Brexit, something I considered a moronic idea pre-Brexit and which appears even more so post-Brexit, I’d figured Britain would Vote Leave because the majority of British people are spastics.

Above in the first panel is an image supposed to represent my homeland, England, a caption added to the final version will read ‘England a good place but a bad people.’

Panel two introduces the main character his name keeps changing and I had settled on naming him Jeremy Cock, just for laughs, but I’m thinking of going with Jeremiah Brand it’s more mundane and probably for the best. Not that the main characters name matters much the crux of the story is one of those post-apocalyptic themes pop entertainment seems so fond of. In this second panel the character reveals his feelings about Brexit Britain via insane mutterings to himself. He, resembling me, isn’t impressed and insists on referring to Vote Leavers as bigots and morons.

In panel three the character still mutters to himself full of rage at seventeen million moronic bigots making a decision that will affect Britain negatively. Or so Jeremiah believes, as I do, as he prepares to leave his modest home to visit with friends.

In panel four he turns his rage about Brexit Britain into half hearted humour and punches the air imagining he’s punching Nigel Farage, an odious oaf, in his stupid rubber looking smug ignorant face.


Page two above sees the hero of this post-apocalyptic tale navigating his hometown, Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, unsurprisingly it’s my hometown, for a few brief moments Jeremiah passes by a single mother screaming at her screaming bastard kid, a bald headed football hooligan screaming bloody murder down his smart phone and druggie hoodies looking to make a new score, or whatever druggie hoodies call buying drugs.

Much of the early part of the story revolves around every day life here in Britain but there are horrors yet to come specifically a viral infection that turns all Britain’s racist bigoted Little Englanders into rampaging cannibalistic monsters and naturally society breaks down.

The main character Jeremiah adores an old British TV series titled Kung-Fu SuperNerd, it’s not a television series that exists in our reality only in Jeremiah’s, it was Britain’s answer to America’s Kung-Fu but featured a nerd type fella gaining super kung-fu powers and roaming a modern, in the 1970’s, Britain helping people and righting wrongs. At some points during the main story the comic will go off at a tangent and feature Jeremiah watching movies that don’t exist in the here and now, for example in Jeremiah’s actuality James Cameron never directed Aliens, such a movie doesn’t exist, instead in 1986 James Cameron directed an Avengers movie the entire movie will be featured as a story within this main story as will Jeremiah’s own comic book series which can only be described as Jack Kirby’s New Gods meets a run of the mill British style soap opera meets The Matrix. An alien spacecraft containing super alien gods explodes over a small town in New Zealand and several townsfolk become melded with the personalities of the exploded super alien gods this leads to an examination of what’s real and what’s not and the concept of good and evil the humans imbued with the powers of alien space gods become cosmically aware and confront the sinister alien infection that dominates so completely humanity.

It’s quite an ambitious project, for me, and I figure the first part won’t be completed until the beginning of 2017 as I’m slow in all things having been born lazy and British.



I enjoy having time away from work, or being stuck on nights. Time off and nights means I have more spare time to spend doing things I enjoy, for example today I’ve wrote a few blog posts, watched the latest episode of Preacher, the Tarantino movie The Hateful 8 and Austria versus Hungary in Euro 2016, I’ve also read a bunch of stuff, mainly Jonah Hex comic books but also a little about Plato and then Aristotle’s philosophical musings add to this enough exercise to cause aches and pain and time for a little creative pursuits of mine own and it’s been a very rewarding day and it’s not over yet.

That paragraph was a lot of and’s, and now this.

I’ve been wanting for a few years now to write and illustrate a webcomic but I just don’t seem able to write a decent, coherent, compelling story plus I’m super slow at drawing and poorly disciplined I’ll end up watching three or four movies back to back rather than actually draw thus a webcomic seems like a pipe dream.

These past few days however I have discovered a story I actually like it’s a horror western titled Hell-Dorado in honour of the most excellent Howard Hawks movie and because it features demonic human possessing bastards from Hell.

I’ve always liked to imagine what happens once a story ends. For instance those kinds of movies in which regular folk encounter something out of this world, or supernatural, how do they go on with their lives afterwards? Wouldn’t some survivors suffer some kind of mental, and perhaps physical, trauma?

With this idea in mind my tale of horror and gunfights begins with a small group of Americans in the days of the wild west trapped inside a saloon type establishment and having to defend against possessed evil humans once day dawns the survivors dust themselves down and then go about their business then the main tale kicks in.

Months later those same survivors find themselves in El-Dorado and the town comes under attack from humans being driven to maniac levels of violence by demons and over the course of two nights they have to try and survive. Again. Fortunately daylight drives the demons out of their meat-suits but come the night the demons return and not necessarily to possess the same people again.

If I manage to actually finish the webcomic, and I’ll be surprised if I do, I have a horror science fiction tale in mind and dozens of other tales to tell all my tales aren’t the least bit original and they’re all somehow rip-offs of existing tales, Hell-Dorado is of course El-Dorado with a little Hateful 8 and a dose of Bone Tomahawk with elements stolen directly from the television series Supernatural.

Here’s a few other ideas that are hardly original I’m developing, slowly, Sherlock Holmes crossed with From Hell, The Day After Tomorrow crossed with The Thing, War of the Worlds crossed with Fantastic 4. In my mind’s eye, or whatever, all my ideas are amazing until it comes time to actually write the damn things then it becomes obvious I’m a fucking idiot.


The above image isn’t one of mine, it’s too good, I stole it for the purpose of this blog post I always like to include an image. This was a promo piece for the awful movie Gallowwalkers, that I have tried to watch but, and perhaps fortunately, the DVD froze about forty-five minutes into the movie but based upon what I did watch the above image is better than the movie.

I’m not sure how Gallowwalkers turned out so bad and it’s badness is one of the reasons I’ve created a horror western of my own.

Monkey Magic 2


The above is a little drawing I did. I’m a big fan of the Seventies Japanese TV series Monkey, I own the boxset, I watch movie adaptations of The Journey To The West (the classic Chinese tale Monkey is based on) I read the four volume English translation of the tale by Anthony C. Yu. I’m kinda obsessed.

After creating this drawing I had planned on writing and drawing a Monkey Magic webcomic but setting it in the present day, after an apocalypse naturally, I saw it, in my mind’s eye or whatever, as Falling Skies meets Monkey only with Monkey style demons and monsters as the big bad invaders.

The idea only went as far as my thought processes, I don’t think it’s possible, for me, to be able to create such a webcomic I don’t have the talent or the discipline.